Thursday, December 19, 2019

Days 228-236

9 Day Total: 243.8
Trip Total: 5,625.9
184 Running days

These last 9 days have not gone as planned.
Only averaged about 27 over the 9 days but even had a 15 mile day in there.
No excuses but the conditions have been anything but friendly to me.

Over these 9 days I went from France into Belgium and Belgium into The Netherlands.
Brussels was a very large city with a great amount of diversity.
Didn’t get to see the Christmas markets due to them closing by the time I finished eating.

Maastricht is where I am currently.
This is my alternate route instead of going up to Amsterdam.
This city seems built for shopping.

Anyways, join my Facebook group for daily updates and a more detailed description of the past 9 days.
Dustin Johnson’s World Record Run

Be the light in their darkness!

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