Thursday, December 19, 2019

Days 228-236

9 Day Total: 243.8
Trip Total: 5,625.9
184 Running days

These last 9 days have not gone as planned.
Only averaged about 27 over the 9 days but even had a 15 mile day in there.
No excuses but the conditions have been anything but friendly to me.

Over these 9 days I went from France into Belgium and Belgium into The Netherlands.
Brussels was a very large city with a great amount of diversity.
Didn’t get to see the Christmas markets due to them closing by the time I finished eating.

Maastricht is where I am currently.
This is my alternate route instead of going up to Amsterdam.
This city seems built for shopping.

Anyways, join my Facebook group for daily updates and a more detailed description of the past 9 days.
Dustin Johnson’s World Record Run

Be the light in their darkness!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Days 219-227

9 Day Total: 300.9
Total Trip: 5,382.1
175 Running Days = 30.7 average
227 Total Days = 23.7 average

(Most of the day she off we’re in Peru and Chile both times waiting on packages and after the truck hitting me.)

Finally made it to Paris. My numbers have been a little higher but it’s simply because I believe once it starts snowing it is really going to slow me down with this cart.

Next stop Brussels.

Also, I may skip Amsterdam and after Brussels head towards Germany.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Day 212-218

7 Day Total: 230.8
Trip Total: 5,081.2
166 Running Days

I am just north of Bordeaux, France on my way to Paris!

Again; for daily updates head to Facebook and join the group!
Im only getting just a few people on here so this will just be a weekly mileage update.
Dustin Johnson’s World Record Run

A few fun facts: I got to eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant for my birthday this past Friday thanks to three amazing people!

It’s slowly getting colder outside but the rain is an everyday thing. Less than 5 days the entire time in Europe without rain. Looking for an umbrella to mount on my cart after a friend of mine Tony suggested it. He’s currently walking the world and is from Ireland.

The more north I push the colder it’ll get. If it starts snowing it may slow me down some but that’s alright. As long as I keep moving forward.