Sunday, November 24, 2019

Days 204-211

7 Day Total: 242.3 miles
Total Trip Miles: 4,850.4 miles or 7805.8 Km
159 Running Days
30.5 Miles a Day Average on Running Days

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I’ll still get on here once a week and upload mileage
Facebook and Instagram is just easier to update and I’m averaging about 6 views a post on here so it makes it difficult to wanna get on and write.

I am currently in Pamplona, Spain headed up into France soon!
It is slowly getting colder and it has rained everyday and every night sincerely I’ve been in Europe except maybe two combined.

I have about 185 miles to Bordeaux, France and originally I was hoping to make it there for my birthday on the 29th but I think I’m going to end up there on the 30th or the 1st of December.

I’ve been able to slowly catch up to the days I was cut short or fell behind while in Portugal. The days waiting on the new cart and then the 4 days of total nightmare navigation and run in with police.
Just a few more days adding extra miles when possible and I may be able to get back on schedule but we will see as the rain falls and turns to snow and the temperatures drop below freezing.

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