Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Day 192

Day was a slow disappointing 28 miles.
I ran into a few problems that was more time consuming than anything.

To start the day, I was headed to cross over a large bridge. Unfortunately, my cart was unable to cross no matter what I tried, so, after an hour of fighting it I left and headed north.

Heading North brought gravel, sand, and no paved roads. I finally was able to find another bridge to try and cross but it was a total nightmare but after more than a hour I made it the half mile + across. This bridge was so slim that cars had to move their mirrors in and still only had a few inches on each side. The railing on both sides has clearly taken many mirrors and swiped the sides of many cars.
It’s a single track bridge but has traffic from both directions. I had to pick up my cart over the railing and carry it just praying I didn’t loss my grip and it drop in the huge river that leads into the ocean.

Half way across the second bridge it started to rain. It wouldn’t have been to bad if I had been on paved roads but dirt, gravel, and sand is not fun when it’s muddy and wet.

Just to give everyone a heads up; there is going to be a huge fundraiser/event for the Navy/Army football game and I would love everyone to participate in the rivalry. One of the oldest rivalries out there! You’ll be able to be Team Navy or team army.
Stay tuned and it’s going to be an amazing event! 🙂🏃🏻‍♂️

Total Miles: 4,233.5
141 running days

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