Sunday, November 24, 2019

Days 204-211

7 Day Total: 242.3 miles
Total Trip Miles: 4,850.4 miles or 7805.8 Km
159 Running Days
30.5 Miles a Day Average on Running Days

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I’ll still get on here once a week and upload mileage
Facebook and Instagram is just easier to update and I’m averaging about 6 views a post on here so it makes it difficult to wanna get on and write.

I am currently in Pamplona, Spain headed up into France soon!
It is slowly getting colder and it has rained everyday and every night sincerely I’ve been in Europe except maybe two combined.

I have about 185 miles to Bordeaux, France and originally I was hoping to make it there for my birthday on the 29th but I think I’m going to end up there on the 30th or the 1st of December.

I’ve been able to slowly catch up to the days I was cut short or fell behind while in Portugal. The days waiting on the new cart and then the 4 days of total nightmare navigation and run in with police.
Just a few more days adding extra miles when possible and I may be able to get back on schedule but we will see as the rain falls and turns to snow and the temperatures drop below freezing.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Days 199-203

5 day running total: 191.3
Trip total: 4,608.1

I tried to make a big push the last couple of days to get to Madrid on time for their Sunday flea market called El Rastro. I unfortunately didn’t make it by 3pm and missed it.

It rained on me most of the day and traffic towards the city was hellacious.
I arrived in Madrid between 515-530.
I am staying in a hostel for the night (the cheapest I could find) and it’s still almost 70usd.....

Averaging 38 miles over the last 5 days has showed me that if I want something I’ll put the work in regardless if its raining and freezing. It also shows that just because I want something doesn’t mean I’m going to get it because I still didn’t make it in time.

Madrid seems like a beautiful city. I arrived once the sun had started going down, but the buildings have lots of character and the streets are busy with life. Even in the rain people eat outside!?

I found a grocery store, (didn’t take much searching it’s pretty much below my hostel) and was able to get a few drinks and some pasta to stock up on.
I found a new tent and propane tank at a mountain climbing store also. It was expensive but I think it’ll be worth not waking up in water. Now to try and find new shoes but if I can’t I won’t let it hold me back and I’ll just put more miles on the ones I have on.

I found a store called Taste of America and I have to admit, highly disappointed in what they think American food is....but the locals and tourist seemed to love it.

My next goal is to get to Bordeaux, France. Originally it was planned for my birthday but the hold up in Lisbon will have me a few days short. Either way, I look forward to the wonderful food that city has to offer! It’s approx. 420 miles from where I am now or 14 days if all goes smoothly.

Thanks for following the journey!
Hope to post pictures tomorrow of Madrid since it’s dark out now.

***Be the light in their darkest moment***

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Today was a slow day. Boring, chilly, and the traffic seemed to careless about where I was, (luckily I always run facing oncoming traffic and can move if there is room.)

First day since I started Europe without rain!
As I posted earlier I am finally in Spain! Enough with Portugal let’s look onward.

I am camping, and Spain has some really interesting laws in “wild camping”, so we will see how it goes.

It honestly feels good to cook again without trying to find a way to keep the fire from going out.... 🤔

Tonight I’ll head to bed fairly early and get a good long nights rest!

The last 6 days I’ve been able to count 183 miles, but I’ve ran a total of 223.

183.3 for 6 days
4,416.8 total for journey

147 running days

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Day 192

Day was a slow disappointing 28 miles.
I ran into a few problems that was more time consuming than anything.

To start the day, I was headed to cross over a large bridge. Unfortunately, my cart was unable to cross no matter what I tried, so, after an hour of fighting it I left and headed north.

Heading North brought gravel, sand, and no paved roads. I finally was able to find another bridge to try and cross but it was a total nightmare but after more than a hour I made it the half mile + across. This bridge was so slim that cars had to move their mirrors in and still only had a few inches on each side. The railing on both sides has clearly taken many mirrors and swiped the sides of many cars.
It’s a single track bridge but has traffic from both directions. I had to pick up my cart over the railing and carry it just praying I didn’t loss my grip and it drop in the huge river that leads into the ocean.

Half way across the second bridge it started to rain. It wouldn’t have been to bad if I had been on paved roads but dirt, gravel, and sand is not fun when it’s muddy and wet.

Just to give everyone a heads up; there is going to be a huge fundraiser/event for the Navy/Army football game and I would love everyone to participate in the rivalry. One of the oldest rivalries out there! You’ll be able to be Team Navy or team army.
Stay tuned and it’s going to be an amazing event! 🙂🏃🏻‍♂️

Total Miles: 4,233.5
141 running days

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Zero running!

During this time I flew from Buenos Aires to Madrid then Lisbon.
I have been in Lisbon waiting on my new running cart and finally received it today a few days late.
Tomorrow I will begin my European leg if this journey!

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4,205 miles down!