Friday, October 18, 2019


Today, I must share a story with you. On this journey I have only had one animal encounter that truly had me worried. It was over a month ago coming down from the mountains and it was 3 very large “jungle cats”, (I don’t know exactly what kind but very big the police said probably a Jaguar since they were super common in the area at night)

Well today, I can add to the list.
I was just minding my own business running along the side of the road. The grass/weeds are tall where I am right now, in some areas,  as tall as my knees (I’m 6’3”).

Today, a very large snake, at least, 6-7 foot long and bigger round than a baseball bat tried to take me out.

As I’m running I notice small movement in a bush. I don’t think anything of it, it could be the wind, a rabbit, or many other things that occur everyday. Today was different. Out came this massive snake that was ready for a fight.

Needless to say I immediately jumped several feet into the air and my heart starts racing. He misses me and I land near the road with traffic flowing. I swiftly move around and get off the road and he’s still coming at me. He strikes again and I tried jumping over him. (At this point I also am contemplating kicking him extremely hard but talk myself out of it) I land and as I’m landing he is already striking at me again... this time his head/upper area hits my shin and I thought at that moment he got me, but he didn’t, just turned the skin red. He curls up at me and I’m now trying to just keep distance and run away but it’s hard with such tall bushes and traffic so thick I didn’t want to run into a bush with more of them. He strikes a final time and this time he lands on the ground before me and I land on top of him just behind his head. (Which freaked me out even more) luckily he didn’t want anymore of me after that and slowly slithered away into the brush but looking back at me as I ran very quickly away once I realized he was moving on. I get up to my mom (1/4 mile) with my hands on my head, face white, breathing heavy, and asked her if she seen what happen. I was still freaking out and was trying to get the words out....

After that, camping for my mom was out of the question for the night. And I’ll let her tell you all her side of the story!

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