Friday, October 11, 2019

Days 161-164

4 Day Total: 112.1 (The day leaving Santa Rosa, we left at noon and only ran till 4)
Total Miles: 3,601.2
123 Running Days

The last few days have been good!

Santa Rosa unfortunately wasn’t the tourist place I was hoping for so I could show my mother around, really it was a normal small town with very little going on and the artisanal shop was very small.

Down here there is a mid day siesta where everything closes between 2-6. So there was nothing to do during that time and restaurants don’t open till 9, which we didn’t want to stay up for. So, really it was a stop to get her a new phone cord and to try a little food. I really hope Bahia Blanca is better! Salta, Jujuy, and Purmacana was so cool.... she would have loved it! The 7 colored mountains, the arts and crafts, the foods, the people and culture, the kids marching the streets playing music, it was awesome!

Today will be a short post, as I did the live yesterday there isn’t a whole lot to talk about and I really need to finalize this video content so we can shoot it!

Thanks for everyone’s support and continued effort! Mucho Amor!

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