Friday, October 18, 2019

Day 170/171

Off Day and then today was 30.0 Miles.
First off day in awhile, it was pouring down rain all day and I needed to get some work done so it worked out.
3,795.5 Total Miles
129 Running Days

The off day went really well and I was able to get a lot done!
Today was great, hit 25 miles really quick then... the snake
You all will have to read the snake post! It was crazy!


Be the light in their moment of darkness!


  1. Dustin has a Facebook group he is now active in. DUSTIN JOHNSON WORLD RECORD RUN.
    twitter= Running for Vets
    Instagram =Running for Vets
    Come join us in the journey he is taking all of us on!

  2. Dustin, I'm praying for your flight and your Mom's flight and then you know we are all praying you through each day. I'm sending an email now to someone in Paris. Letting them know you don't stay in one place long and you push all your supplies! I'm thinking Stuttgart can't give you the usual Christmas presents, just restock your cart and spoil you while you're there, donate to you, run with you, and things that the soldiers and their families will think of to do when you're there! I made it clear in my email to Kristi in Paris so she could tell her people that you are here one day and gone the next! :) I am asking her to email your Mom at her email address. ~ Sherry Gillum (I don't use my gmail address but it you need one it is