Monday, October 14, 2019

Day 167

Miles: 30.0
Total: 3,696.7
126 Running

The weather was cold and windy all day. I had no pants due to finally finding a place to do some laundry, so it made for a cold day in shorts.

The first ten miles came quick and I felt great but that’s about when the wind picked up and slowed me down. Head winds that feel like razors on the face is not fun.

I did meet a friend today! I just add, this little guy was very confident. I touched him, moved stuff around him, and nevertheless he kept on doing his thing. (He’s like that quite guy of the ground that doesn’t talk because he knows what he is capable of) after getting a few pictures I let him be. I wasn’t about to let him make an example of me! What was this friend I met? A spider the size of my hand! No joke, it was literally that big! Crawled right in front of me and didn’t even care that I was touching it!

I am now just two days away from Bahia Blanca! Getting closer to a day off and to show my momma around!

15 days and I fly from Buenos Aires to Lisbon to start my European leg!

Oh hey! For any of you who haven’t thought about this.
You only have 3 months left in this decade, go make them count!

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