Sunday, October 13, 2019

Day 165/166

Two Day Total: 65.5
Trip Total: 3,666.7
125 Running Days

The last two days have been really interesting for weather!
One day at 80 and a little hot then the night tempt at 35 the next day at 50 with strong cool winds.

Some cool animals that have been seen the last two days.
A huge rabbit!? Super long ears, legs way longer than normal, and much skinnier!
We seen a Greater Rhea! The cousin of an ostrich! Super cool, they are ridiculously fast and spook very easy. Hard to get a picture of but I think we got a few. They lift their heads and look at you and next thing you know they take off and don’t look back. Dust flying and they cover ground so fast.

Okay, funny story, it happened a few days ago but I forgot to tell everyone!
(It’s stormy outside)
I’m running down the side of the road in the grass and burrs and a police truck passes me and hits a U-Turn quick. The driver jumps out fast but his partner is very slow to get out and walk around the back of the truck. The guy asked my name and out of my adrenaline kicking in because of how fast they turned around and got out I yelled No Habla Espanol, (I don’t speak Spanish) the guy laughs and looks at his partner who by now was just making his way to my side of the truck. I look up at him and I’m not kidding. Thumbs tucked in belt with a cigar sitting above his ear with a HUGE mustache.. The police officer I was talking to looks at him and says Ingles. I was about to tell them I do speak Spanish but before I could the officer with his thumbs in his belt looks me dead in the eye sticks out his hand and says, “Hooowdy Frrriend” with a slow drawl. I laughed so hard they both started laughing with me.
I told them what I was doing and where I was headed and they took a picture of my ID and sent me on my way. As they were leaving, I assume to just get another laugh, they both said Howdy Friend as they drive off! Talk about hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing. Every time I got bored the rest of the day and even today I would run past my mom and just wave and say howdy friend to her. She was confused till I told her the story now she thinks it’s hilarious!

I am 3 days from Bahia Blanca and looking forward to showing my mom some Argentinian culture! Hopefully!

If anyone has had some experience with European Christmas message me!
I’m really eager to see what it is going to be like!

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