Monday, October 7, 2019

Day 160

Miles: 35.1
Total Miles: 3,489.1
119 Running Days

Today was a great day, it was beautiful outside and stayed near 65°F all day. If it wasn’t for a slight head wind it would have been perfect!

Headed out around 9, got some really good miles in when I thought something was following me but I really wasn’t sure. So, when I caught up to the car for refreshments my mom quickly rolled down the window and told me a dog had been following me for several miles. The dog was staying in the tall grass and moving from one side of the road to the other apparently. After I got some pineapple juice I started off again and so did the dog. I was getting a kick out of it at this point and just stopped running. Turned around and gave the ole high pitch voice saying come here boy and a good whistle a shot and sure enough he came running quick! He loved me! I named him Oso (bear in Spanish). He ran several more miles before I felt bad and didn’t want him to get lost or to far from home. So, I gave him some treats on the ground and took off running fast. By the time he was done (I assume) I was out of sight and I didn’t see him anymore. But it sure was fun to watch him run with me and see him jumping bushes and running in and out of the tall grass. It was like he was in a doggy running dream.

At 330 I stopped today and called it at 35. I am now 65 from Santa Rosa and really hoping to finally be able to show my mom some authentic Argentinian foods and crafts. It shows a Craft Market so I hope it’s a good one. Then off to Bahia Blanca down by the sea (the ocean is my mother’s favorite place to be)

I was able to confirm with the World Runners Association and we finalized a European route! 17 countries and almost 4,450 miles! It’s going to be amazing! If anyone lives there or knows anyone who does feel free to reach out! My route is posted on all forms of social media! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tonight will be a late night for me. Much later than normal. I am staying up because I have some pretty great ideas I’m working on and I really wanna get them ready to be put to work and let the world see it! It’s going to be great I can’t wait to share! #videocomingaoon

I just want to give a few quick shout outs to some people (if I leave you out I apologize!)

I want to say thank you to Nikki and Clare back home holding down the fort while my mother is away. Also, thank you for the gummy candy. Anyone that knows me knows I don’t eat much sweets at all and I don’t like chocolate. So that was very thoughtful to get one of my favorites! I appreciate it!

I want to say thank you to my father, Mike Johnson. Dad, without you I don’t know where I would be. To this day I still keep the very first letter you ever wrote me in boot camp. It’s been folded up and placed in my wallet and been everywhere I’ve ever been. I’ve never been without it. And when the going gets tough, I’ll unfold it and give it a quick read. It’s  not a long letter, but it sure is heavy.

I also want to give Stop Solider Suicide a shout out. The men and woman at SSS care so much. They are the lighthouse in the face of a very ugly storm. They shine bright in the moment of darkness. They give Hope to all our veterans and their families! Thank you for what you do, and thank you for being the hero we all need right now! The veteran community thanks you with all our hearts!

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