Sunday, October 6, 2019

Day 159

Miles: 28.3
Total Miles: 3,454
118 Running Days

Today was quite different than any other day since my mother has come down. I started a few hours late due to the hospitality of our hotel owners and staff. So, we sat, had coffee together and some croissants baked with honey glaze. We chatted till close to ten and then I decided to take off.

At around 15 miles in we found a little cafe and decided to not rush the day since I already had a late start and enjoyed some lunch together. We sat there for about a hour and a half and just talked about this crazy journey and a little about my ideas when I come home. It was nice to just relax for a little bit and not worry about the miles or the road. I have such a strong pull to two things that I believe I will love to do when I get home!

Today proved to me that even when you slow down, even when you stop and enjoy the little things, you can still get some good miles in and turn a few bad days into a good week.

I stopped running at 430 and called it a day. I was getting hungry and no one likes a hungry Dustin...
We found a little cafe that had a stone oven. I ordered a pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, three eggs, and French fries on top. Mom had a steak burger with egg, cheese, and some fries. Both came with a Argentinian founded sauce called salsa golf. For anyone unfamiliar Salsa Golf is Ketchup mixed with Mayo, pimento, and oregano. It was founded in Mar Del Plata is the 1920s at a country club which is how it gots its name. Since then plenty of restaurants and fast food joints around the world have used it.

Today I crossed into a new region called La Pampa which is connected to the Patagonia!

There were lots of birds in the sky today. I seen many little flicks of these small light green almost lime green birds flying everywhere! So difficult to get any good photos they fly so fast.
I seen some rabbits and many farm animals. They have a huge Agriculture University that I passed today where the students tend the land and all the animals. It was really nice and the land looked very well taken care of. The animals had hundreds of not thousands of acres to roam. No gates or fences. No pens and kennels. Just a ton of animals to roam wherever they want.

Just about 700 miles left here in Argentina then it’s up to Portugal where I will tackle Europe in the up coming winter... yuck.

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