Saturday, October 5, 2019

Day 158

Miles: 34.0
Total Miles: 3,425.7
117 Runnings Days

Today... it started out cold with strong winds. Starting the day with head wind always makes for an interesting start. Luckily, for me, by about 11 the wind stopped and by noon it started warming up. Around two it was in the low sixties and stayed that way for the rest of the day.

Nothing quite describes the feeling of freedom I get when I can take my hoodie off, put some shorts on, and regardless of the surrounding get into a groove. At two, I didn’t have music (no service) but a mellow rhythm took over my body to the tune of Silhouette and Song Bird. A soft sweet movement that had me moving my hands, swaying back and forth, and moving about the grass like I was the only one there. No care, no worry; just me, the road, and sweet Kenny G playing is sax in my head.

We found a hotel to stay at and the people are amazing. They have such thick accents. I would compare it to Cajun in America as far as how they pronounce their words. The room was 17 dollars, has a queen bed, and two teen beds, a nice bathroom and shower. They sell drinks and don’t rip you off, when we went to the store the hotel only charges 15 pesos more for their drinks. That’s about 25 cents. I was able to have them sign my journey book and I’ll actually get to start out in the morning with some fresh coffee.

The kindness continues daily down here in South America. People stopping asking if I need a ride, offering water, and just checking on me. Even the police are willing to help me get water or offer a ride.

Unfortunately for my mother she came down and within a day we were in the middle of nothing but farm lands. I really look forward to showing her the local foods, customs, and tradition. The one I have gotten to show her I’m not sure how she feels about trying it.
Yerba Mate, a local Argentinian drink shared amongst friends, family, and sometimes for and energy drink. It’s a green leaf that gets put in a cup with a straw and sugar added and passed around.
Go check it out! Empanadas are really big down here and she has seen those too, but I look forward to the really traditional stuff!!

Dogs are still finding me and sticking with me for miles at a time. I absolutely love it but sometimes it rips my heart open when I have to part ways with them. They seemed so happy to be by me, and bam they are on their own again. I bet these dogs if they were to get adopted would be the mostly loyal loving dogs!

So, I have a title idea for my book. Let me know what everyone thinks.

The Long Way Home: A Journey to Save Veteran Lives


The Long Way Home

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