Friday, October 4, 2019

Day 157

Miles: 30.1
Total Miles: 3,391.7
116 Running Days

Today was sluggish. 
It started out cold and windy, a few hours in it became misty with a slight sprinkle. 

My body was tired from yesterday and really just didn’t want to get up and move quick today. I luckily had my mother there who placed a hand on my shoulder and told me I didn’t have to do it alone. That she would stop whenever I needed a break and we would get where we were going no matter how long it took. So, with that a slowed down and took my time. 
I didn’t rush anything and really just zoned out and put one foot in front of the other. 

I don’t listen to music most days, but today I put some Kenny G on and let that saxophone put a fire back in my soul. I let it guide me and pace me. I needed it. 

There really wasn’t much scenery today, farm land and lots of it. A few cows, some land with tea growing, and some corn. 

Tonight I really hope I get a good nights rest and wake up ready to run. Tomorrow will be 35 miles no matter what. 

The post from here on out should start getting more detailed and descriptive. Tonight I’m just tired, but I’ll try my best most days to write them like I did yesterday. 

I created a Twitter and an Instagram if you want to follow me for pictures and details and what’s coming up in the future. 

Running For Vets in both of them is the name 
On Twitter you can also tag me with @runningvets 

Stay tune for an amazing video features some heroes all across the nation! 
Really trying my best to reach as many people as possible. 
If I can reach 1 million people that’s still less than 1% of the entire United States. 

Love you all! Stay strong, stay true, and in the morning wake up and pursue the day like you woke up in purpose! 

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