Thursday, October 3, 2019

Day 156

Miles: 29.5
Total Miles: 3,361.6
115 Running Days

Today the weather forecast felt like I was in Missouri again.
Woke up and it looked like the forecast had 47-65 all day with it being cloudy  and a 0% chance of rain all day.

A hour into my run I felt great, got my normal 6-7 miles in and then everything went south quick.
Clouds rolled in fast and dark. The wind picked up. Next thing you know it’s raining, the wind made me feel  like i had a parachute on trying to move forward, and it began to hail (about BB size). The weather stayed this way all day. My face became irritated having the wind blow on it for hours, it began to feel like small razor blades were cutting me.. The temperate dropped down to high 30s, and the hail made for a very sore head and some beat up legs. The only real thing that kept me wanting more miles was coffee and the occasional ability to sit in the car and out of the weather. At times I wanted to sit there all day, but I knew inside that car I was wasting time and miles.

The funny thing is this morning I asked my mom if she could drive ahead and find some coffee for my Stanley. She of course went knowing that I would need some kind of pick me up with conditions like this. My mom is a huge coffee drinker and she just can’t get the hang of it here. “It’s so strong” she warms me as she hands me my Stanley. What she calls strong, I call savory and a life saver. Cafe de leche with a small amount of sugar. Each sip slowly warmed my body and helped keep the fire burning inside me.

Today was a huge representation as to what getting rid of that cart meant for me. It was more than just flat tires and rough terrain. It was more than slowing me down and only allowing few supplies.
That cart was also something that was dragging my spirit. It was sitting on the side of the road with my stuff getting wet, it was pushing it in mud with no way of getting anything hot to drink. It was lonely roads when I needed someone the most. A smile, a laugh, a compliment, something that keeps you going when the road gets tough. Me having a crew (my mother right now) provides me with the ability to keep loving forward when otherwise would have been near impossible. It’s relentless forward process when nature throws you a curve ball.

I also had two federal police officers pull off and ID check me and ask lots of questions. For anyone not familiar with Argentinas police they really only have two. What I would call local and federal. Local look like normal police officers, drive normal police trucks (mostly) and the federal ones wear Kevlar vets and drive nicer vehicles and look more business oriented. The first one stopped me and it’s pouring down rain, he gets out (no umbrella) and proceeded to put himself in the elements just like I was. He asked where I was coming from and where I was headed. My Spanish is getting much better but there are still things I don’t understand or can’t communicate just yet without my translator (my mom had my phone) but you should have seen his face when I told him my mom left to get coffee and is coming back. All he could do was laugh and ask why she didn’t take me with her and he asked what I did wrong. He took a picture of my passport and let me go on my way thankfully after I kept telling him I couldn’t get in his truck for him to take me to the place where my mom was. The second one I luckily had my translator and let him know everything I was doing and he was very happy to hear of an American enjoying Argentina even though it was freezing and raining. He said he wished people looked at his home country with more light and openness.

Today showed me so much more that a crew is good for me whether I feel like I can do it alone or not. I’ll be looking for anyone interested in crewing for Europe soon. If your interested let me know and we can exchange details.

During the rain and hail I didn’t see much. Traffic going by splashing water on me getting my shoes even more wet. A few cows in the pasture hiding under a tree and a small green lizard that seemed to be taking a bath. Today was full of nothing but mental fortitude and thankfulness for my mother.

I do want to give a huge shout out to XOSkin for some killer socks. My shoes and socks got soaked yes. I have knit uppers on my shoes, but with my feet being so wet and so cold I came out with no blisters and my feet never got to cold. And thank you to Orange Mud for an amazing bag that allowed for me to have all my stuff with me without any of it getting wet! Crucial!

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