Monday, September 9, 2019

Days 124-132

Miles: 175.0
Total Miles: 2,699.8
92 Running Days 

It’s so hard to keep up with this whiling having no service or very bad service. 

In the past week I’ve had police wake me up at 1am to tell me I can’t sleep where I was and to keep moving. (40ft off the road behind some brush) 

I have had a scary encounter at 3am with 3 very large animals in the night where they surrounded me and would growl and move around and I ended up running to the road with my headlamp and knife in hand. 

I have been running/walking on gravel/sand/brush for about 300 miles now. No paved shoulder and lots of traffic. I have went though 5 tubes and now I have no spare left. 

I got my new shoes (Altra) in the mail finally. It cost 600 bucks to having them shipped but well worth it after 300+ miles in shoes a size and a half to small with the toes cut out. 

Pushing the cart in thick sand and gravel is really taking a lot out of me lately. I’ll keep pushing it just gets so tiresome. 

I love all of you, I’ll try and get back to updating more; but I’m at mercy with ATT and their service down here. 

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