Sunday, September 15, 2019

Day 134-138

Miles: 109.5
Total: 2,838.8
97 Running Days

I’ll be doing a Facebook live soon to go over some more details about here lately.
The road still has no shoulder and I am at 8 flat tires in Argentina alone.

There is some possible really amazing news to come that I really hope works out to share with you all! Stay tuned on and or Facebook!

“You miss one hundred percent of the opportunities you don’t take”

I should be able to update this a little more now heading forward. So more stories and better blogging on my part for you all.

I am still physically well and mentally well but the roads are taking a huge toll on my cart and costing more money than it should. Having to push through sand and gravel really makes my effort level increase a lot for very minimum result, but I’ll continue on!

Love you all, and remember Relentless Forward Progression!