Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Day 133

Miles: 29.5
Total Miles: 2,729.3
93 Running Days
29.3 Daily Running Day Average
20.5 Daily Average Including Days Not Ran

Last night I was picked up by the police late into the night. They placed me in the back of their truck on a little metal bench with my cart. No seatbelt, sliding around, wind blowing on me with temperatures around 30 degrees, going about 60mph on the highway to take me (at the time I had no idea) first to the police station but had me wait in the truck then to a small park in the town. They dropped me off and told me to camp here and they left. All I could think about was the police put me in a moving vehicle in the back with no device to keep me in the truck and sped down the road with no regard to my safety but at the same time it was kind of cool.

During the night it rained hard and got my stuff all wet. (My tarp was lost during the high altitude mountain passage.
Without having a hoodie or jacket to out on because they were wet I grabbed my gear and ran back to where they picked me up, turned on me gps and started the day. (Ran about 6 total Miles that didn’t count)

Tonight calls for rain for about 9 hours and strong winds.

Pushing the cart is very much still a difficult task. It’s thick sand and gravel mostly and the traffic is still fairly frequent so I don’t get to get on the road much.

I’m slowly entering Spring in Argentina and where I am is also the temperate rainforest so I’ll need to find a tarp and better ways to keep dry fairly quick. Supplies are just so limited and spending 500+ dollars just to ship a small tarp is crazy so I’ll work it out down here before that ever happens.


  1. Still cheering you on back hom!!


  2. So many prayers for you! So proud of all you are doing. Thank you so much, it means a lot to this MoM (mother of a Marine).

  3. It sounds like the police thought they were helping you by giving you the park to stay in. What an adventure are on! I am following a lady who is rowing a boat and she had to row an additional 17 miles out of her way just to get out of an eddy on the Pacific Ocean. Different goals but same determination. #DustinRunsForVets

  4. Their is always sunshine after the storm Dustin. Keep your chin up and smile even in the eye of each storm because you know the sunshine is just around the corner.����������

  5. Continues prayers for your health and safety

  6. Have you considered foam filled tires?

  7. You are so strong, we are holding you in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Mother , sister, daughter, of Army men here. Thank you for bringing us along on this journey. I look forward to your posts. Also to your mother's updates. She seems like a lovely lady. Can't wait to meet you at your homecoming.

  9. Can you use trash bags to keep your essentials dry? I admire your determination!!