Saturday, September 28, 2019

Day 151

Today’s Miles: 32.5
Total Miles: 3221.6
110 Running Days

Today was cut short due to extreme heat. First time it has been over 75-79 since the United States and it got into the low 90s today so needless to say it got hot quick. I wasn’t ready for it but still got a decent amount of miles in with 32.5. Tomorrow, it will be mid 90s and then it is suppose to drop back down in the mid 60s for the rest of the week.
Tomorrow, I’m hoping to start out earlier to help avoid some of the heat.

I’m feeling great, made some grain free pasta made from three types of veggies we got extremely cheap at the store. It’s funny, my mother gets to see now; eating healthier down here is cheaper then a eating junk food. Fresh foods are cheaper than processed. Farmers markets are cheaper than grocery stores.

I had a plan to go from 30 to 40 daily since I am losing the cart for the rest of Argentina but my mother’s flight is the 31st of October so I’ll just work that into my miles. About 1000 miles left and about 32 days left for her flight. It really only makes me need a 31.25 miles a day to get there on time. I’ll probably run some 35-40 days and then in the more tourist areas run 25-30 and just let it average out.

Thanks for all the continued support and love from back home! It is greatly appreciated!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Day 139-150

12 Day Total: 350.3
Total Miles: 3,189.1
109 Running Days

Sorry I have been so absent. I have had a lot going on. The cart giving me troubles, the roads, and so much more.

Thank you to everyone still following! It means a lot!
Facebook live within a day or two to explain the last two weeks.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I have had 11 tires popped in Argentina. I have been woke up many nights by the police and asked to carry on moving. I have spent way more money then I ever should have to fix my cart like the frame breaking for example. So, I am fortunate enough to have a man I have never met before care so deeply about my cause to donate a flight to my mother so she could come down here and help crew me across the rest of Argentina.

I fell behind waiting on my stuff in Peru, the truck hitting me in Arica caused a big time delay, and the mess of roads in Argentina caused a even bigger one. I hope this will let me catch up at least some!

More to update soon; with my mother being here I’ll be able to keep this updated more regularly  even when I’m not in service, she can help me update it.

Love you all, thanks for following along. I am beyond ready to be in Europe and out of Argentina.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Day 134-138

Miles: 109.5
Total: 2,838.8
97 Running Days

I’ll be doing a Facebook live soon to go over some more details about here lately.
The road still has no shoulder and I am at 8 flat tires in Argentina alone.

There is some possible really amazing news to come that I really hope works out to share with you all! Stay tuned on and or Facebook!

“You miss one hundred percent of the opportunities you don’t take”

I should be able to update this a little more now heading forward. So more stories and better blogging on my part for you all.

I am still physically well and mentally well but the roads are taking a huge toll on my cart and costing more money than it should. Having to push through sand and gravel really makes my effort level increase a lot for very minimum result, but I’ll continue on!

Love you all, and remember Relentless Forward Progression!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Day 133

Miles: 29.5
Total Miles: 2,729.3
93 Running Days
29.3 Daily Running Day Average
20.5 Daily Average Including Days Not Ran

Last night I was picked up by the police late into the night. They placed me in the back of their truck on a little metal bench with my cart. No seatbelt, sliding around, wind blowing on me with temperatures around 30 degrees, going about 60mph on the highway to take me (at the time I had no idea) first to the police station but had me wait in the truck then to a small park in the town. They dropped me off and told me to camp here and they left. All I could think about was the police put me in a moving vehicle in the back with no device to keep me in the truck and sped down the road with no regard to my safety but at the same time it was kind of cool.

During the night it rained hard and got my stuff all wet. (My tarp was lost during the high altitude mountain passage.
Without having a hoodie or jacket to out on because they were wet I grabbed my gear and ran back to where they picked me up, turned on me gps and started the day. (Ran about 6 total Miles that didn’t count)

Tonight calls for rain for about 9 hours and strong winds.

Pushing the cart is very much still a difficult task. It’s thick sand and gravel mostly and the traffic is still fairly frequent so I don’t get to get on the road much.

I’m slowly entering Spring in Argentina and where I am is also the temperate rainforest so I’ll need to find a tarp and better ways to keep dry fairly quick. Supplies are just so limited and spending 500+ dollars just to ship a small tarp is crazy so I’ll work it out down here before that ever happens.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Days 124-132

Miles: 175.0
Total Miles: 2,699.8
92 Running Days 

It’s so hard to keep up with this whiling having no service or very bad service. 

In the past week I’ve had police wake me up at 1am to tell me I can’t sleep where I was and to keep moving. (40ft off the road behind some brush) 

I have had a scary encounter at 3am with 3 very large animals in the night where they surrounded me and would growl and move around and I ended up running to the road with my headlamp and knife in hand. 

I have been running/walking on gravel/sand/brush for about 300 miles now. No paved shoulder and lots of traffic. I have went though 5 tubes and now I have no spare left. 

I got my new shoes (Altra) in the mail finally. It cost 600 bucks to having them shipped but well worth it after 300+ miles in shoes a size and a half to small with the toes cut out. 

Pushing the cart in thick sand and gravel is really taking a lot out of me lately. I’ll keep pushing it just gets so tiresome. 

I love all of you, I’ll try and get back to updating more; but I’m at mercy with ATT and their service down here.