Friday, August 30, 2019

Days 112-122

11 Day Total: 289.5 (1 Off Day)
Total Trip Miles: 2,494.2
85 Running Days

I will be doing a long Facebook Live with explaining the full mountain ascend and half descend. Dustin’s Word Record Run for anyone following here that’s not on Facebook. Facebook also is the place for photos and videos.

In short; I’ll write some details here for those not on Facebook.

Day 111 I was in San Pedro de Atacama. For anyone wanting a really cool desert experience with sand boarding, wild animals, a really interesting community, great food, and just a place most of your friends probably have never been but should, should totally go to San Pedro. It’s about 7500ft in elevation and surrounded by beautiful mountains and lays in the bottom of a valley.
I restocked some supplies and gained the mental strength to pursue the mountains here.

Once I left it took a few days to reach the top at 18,711ft; due mostly to a small road detour or it would have been slightly higher.

The most I have done in the past 11 days has been a 43 mile day where I was able to run again because it was mostly flat or slightly down. I was still at 13k ft which made stopping and going a thing as my breathe would shorten at times.

The least amount was 15.6 miles which was the second day of the climb and probably the worst overall. My Garmin shut off due to it being to cold. My phone shut off. The last temperature I remember seeing was -14 but there was also heavy strong head winds. That night even my Stanley froze completely solid, which, is impressive because Stanley is the best out their in my opinion.

I lost my tarp due to winds (it wasn’t being held down by many many rocks weighing 2-5 lbs all around. The wind just got underneath it at some point and just kept blowing till it took it. (Also, I was way to cold to get up out of my sleeping bag and go chase afternoon it at 2am in the middle of the desert/mountains)

If I am jumping around I apologize.

On the 26th, at about 10am (local) I crossed into Argentina through the Paso de Jama. You cross at about 14k and get into the custom agency at about 13k. There was a very kind man that helped me skip two large bus loads of people to make a very quick 20 minute pass into Argentina.

 I finally hit my first town after 10 days without!

I did run out of liquids and stuff, but for anyone wondering it is extremely difficult to judge using google whether a town actually exist or not. (Sometimes it’s a tourist season thing) there has been a few “towns” that once arrived there wasn’t a single building and it was open desert.
Also, carrying 10 days of water is extremely difficult. It’s very very heavy along with 10 days of food and all your gear while pushing it up and down a mountain. For anyone curious go run a few miles. Then go put 3 gallon waters in a cart and run with it. Then go grab more water, more food, more gear and your probably over 100 lbs. It can get heavy quick, and relying in Google isn’t always the most accurate down here. Luckily there has been a few kind Chileans and Argentinians to help me along the way!

I’ll go Live tonight on Facebook at 7-730 Central time. It’ll be 9-930 where I am now.  I’ll be answering questions and telling my stories of the mountain pass. (It was epic at times)

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