Monday, August 19, 2019

Days 109/110/111

3 Day Milage: 38.2, Supplies Day, 36.7
Total Miles: 2,204.7
75 Running Days

I will unfortunately be brief, my service is not the best and it’s in the 40s with a cold wind; so my hands won’t last to long trying to type.

Saturday was a struggle. 4,500ft to 12,000 ft to 9,000 to end up in the city. The whole day was up the mountain side until mile 33 when the final 5 miles went down. I almost stopped at around 26 miles because my feet were killing me (I put the shoes back on after running only in socks for a day and a half. But man... the shoes made it worse. My legs also were getting tired, but after stopping for 30 minutes I realized I couldn’t give up on myself like that. I got up, packed, and carried on. Relentless Forward Progression

Sunday I got supplies including food, a cold weather mask, and a few other things I needed like hygiene supplies. (No such thing as anti-biotic ointment)

Today I started about 830 and covered some ground when I met two woman who were extremely nice and kind that rode up on a bike. They too started in Lima and have traveled around and heading the same direction as I am. They even biked a 16,000fter that made them sick with such quick elevation gain. They are very impressive traveling  the world (which is very safe) when the media portrays it is unsafe. I wish them the absolute best and hope they never lose the will to travel! Good luck in medical school and keep enjoying working for Google you two! The world is a great place when you go see it!

I’m ending the day feeling good and ready to be at the top. My legs don’t like this many miles without some break!


  1. Keep working hard!! We are proud of you!

  2. Day by day, one foot in front of the other. Your doing great out there and are truly an inspiration! Keep on keeping on my friend!

  3. Amazing Dustin! You are taking so many people with you, to places we'll never see, doing something we couldn't do. But, I love the pictures and adventure. Mostly, what you do for veterans. Thank you.

  4. Dustin you are a great inspiration and advocate for soldiers and veterans. I salute your every step. Keep going and never give up. God Bless you!