Saturday, August 10, 2019

Days 100 - 102

Three Day Total: 91.1
Total Miles: 1,972.6
67 Running Days

Finally have some service.
Not a lot has happened honestly, a few Good Samaritans I will tell you about but overall it’s the desert. Not a house in sight. Not a animal in sight. Every hour or so I will see a car. I have not seen a village since I left the city till tonight. I came crossed a really small village that has a huge history behind it. The worlds largest geoglyphic (hand made sculpture out of rocks and carved lines into the mountain side) it depicts a weather God. It was said to be able to be used to predict the weather.
This one is massive but a few miles from where I’ll be able to see it. It took hundreds of years to complete and was sculpted by several different groups of people the more known group being the Incas. I have seen hundreds of these types of sculptures along my route these last few days.

I have also seen statue of mummies. Three of them. Come to find out Chile has the oldest mummies in the world and not Egypt. Chile has mummies that pre date Egypt by thousands of years. The statues I seen where depictions of the area to mummify someone. The cool thing about the Chinchorro people were they mummified every person in their civilization regardless of social status. Whereas the Egyptians only mummified their higher ranking members.

So every single day I have been in Chile running on the road someone has stopped and gave me food and water. Three days ago it was a big bowl of soup and some water that looked like he went and got it out of his lunch pail. . Yesterday was two chicken sandwiches and a juice box in the morning given to me by a little girl out the back window of her car, as she smiled and said “this is for you enjoy”  and around midday someone gave me a roast beef sandwich with avocado and a Gatorade. Today was a big bottle of a fruit juice I was unfamiliar with and some peanuts. (This is just to name a few) I have had the most help from construction workers or road workers. One day I had two gentlemen that wouldn’t take no for a answer and filled my water canteens and gave me two liter bottles full to take with me. I’m sure they relived I wasn’t hundred miles from any town so they knew best right? There have been people who didn’t want to confront me in the sense but they would stop 15-20 ft ahead sit out of coke and some fruit and yell that it wasn’t for me.

Having come across this village it was a nice treat for some food and restock my liquids. Nothing to for food to take with me except one box of mash potato mix where you just add water.

The generosity of these people have been nothing but top notch. More than I could have ever asked for. I want you all reading this to think of something simple. ( if a man who didn’t belong where I lived was looking homeless and randomly running by my car would I stop and offer help and if you say you would stop what happens when that man speaks only basic of your language?)
That’s what these people have with me. A strange man running with a cart who is dirty and only speaks basics. Every single of them try their best to communicate with me. If I can’t use a translator they try there best to make me understand. Nothing short of nosies or gestures, hand signs, or pictures. They truly have been a blessing.

With the way Chile has been going I could say nothing more than this has to be my grandpa up stairs watching me from the bleachers as I run my track meet making sure I have snacks and keeping me safe. I know God and my Grandpa are up there planning this out like as if each car passing was a possible aid station on this long journey.

I want to thank everyone who has been following, anyone who has donated to Stop Solider Suicide, and those that are planning on running the race coming up in Sept.
because of all of you, veterans lives are being saved.
Just remember for $400 dollars, that’s 10 people who signed up for the race. You just provided a veteran with TWO YEARS worth of help! TWO YEARS!

To My Vets:

Do something tomorrow that you wouldn’t have done today.
Picture your goal, and take that step.
Want to be a history teacher? Imagine if you studied up on history for 1 hour a day how much you could learn in 365 hours in 1 year.
Wanna own a business imagine how much you could get done with your portfolio, logo, design, slogan, etc. with one hour a day.
Tomorrow take one hour and do something you didn’t do today.
The greatest things in life are not one huge moment, but a collection of small little moments that create a huge impact.
Love life, live life, and if you need help Stop Solider Suicide will save your life!


  1. Your Grandpa Milam has a front row seat! I know he cheering you on and so proud of you!!

    So many good people in this world! You are the good we all need!

  2. This is the joy and belief we needed to be reminded of! ❤️ God is placing the right people in your path. Your journey is truly inspiring! #DUSTINRUNSFORVETS

  3. Dustin,
    Some people just have a good nature and karma. I believe that this is what people are seeing and noticing and your are encountering. I believe that it will continue. VB

  4. I think you're right, Dustin. People here in America are usually too self-absorbed in to what is going on in their own lives to bother really checking the world around them. There are a few here & there that would help, but not as many as many as you've found. I guess we've grown distrustful as a people, in general.
    On another note, I never knew all those facts about Chili! How fascinating! And to be there among it all! You are a lucky guy!

  5. Wow. My ignorance is showing. Had no idea there were Chilean mummies, much less pre-dating Egyptians. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Way to go. I love how you being provided for. Mans basic instinct is to help his fellow man. God bless you and keep you. So far so good my friend