Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Day 99

Miles: 30.0
Total Miles: 1,881.5
64 Running Days

Today started off with 4 hours going up followed by a quarter mile of straight road. Once I got to the end of the flat road I came to a huge gorge. Massive. The road went to the right and as I turned to go down a sign caught my eye. Warning: engine brake failure length 34km.
All I could think about was really.... 20 miles down only means 20+ back up.

I stopped and looked at the map and noticed the “up” part looked longer on the map but only time will tell.

Yesterday I didn’t even see a single building once I left the town. Today. Was the same. It was nothing but sand and mountains. Tomorrow I’ll be finishing up the downhill (my estimate about 6 miles) and then working back up the other side of the gorge.

There does seem to be a picture of a tiny village at the bottom of this, doesn’t mean it is there or there is anything to stock up on but I hope so. (Google shows many things that no longer exists or are only open certain times of the year)

Im still feeling great and the new cart seems to be holding well.
My uncle Jr  did some online searching for me and I have a 20,000 ft point coming up and it’s still pretty scarce on towns or villages. So better take all the opportunities I can find.
Not sure if the 20k will be up down and back up others that are shorter but if I had to guess it’ll be a roller coaster with lots of gains and lots of loss just to climb the gains again.

Love you all goodnight!

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