Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Day 91-98

91-97 were slowly and I was working to figure out a cart. I bought a small baby stroller and tried to make it work but it broke after a few miles. I came back to Arica and bought a hiking backpack but realized after a dewberry Miles the 45 lbs would eventually take its toll and not be worth it.
I ordered a cart off Amazon and prayed it wouldn’t take 20+ days like Cabelas or not even show up like USPS. It arrived a day early and took 5 days to get to me.

Tuesday 98th day

Miles: 30.0
Total Miles: 1,851.5
63 Running Days

After getting hit by the truck I was very eager to get out of the soreness and get back in the road. Did it make me fear the road anymore? No, semis still pass by sometimes by just a few inches and I just keep going.

I woke up and decided to take my time getting ready and finalizing the cart. I took off about 9-915.
It was gloomy in the beginning and I felt mist for a few hours before the sun came out and shined bright the rest of the day. It felt good to stretch the legs and run a bit! I ran the first 8 or so miles before I had a massive hill to climb which took a few hours and then had to go right back down it. I ran the last 10-12 and found a nice place to set up camp. It’s at the bottom of a climb so first thing in the morning will start with a hour or two climb (maybe more you never know till you get up there and see all the curves).

Overall it was a good day. Uneventful as far as letting you all know cool places or sights. It was just a normal day. Once I left the city there really was nothing at all but sand and mountain sides.

Now that I’m back on the road officially and good to go I want to thank everyone who is still following and hasn’t given up on me! I know I’ve had two stops that were way longer than needed but I’m make up the time and keep pushing!

To my vets:

Look at my Facebook video from today!

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  1. I think most people like to just read your blog & go on with their day. I just wanted to let you know we haven't given up on you. Keep up the good work! It's so nice to have someone doing something positive in the world these days! 🙂