Thursday, August 15, 2019

Day 107

Miles: 30.2
Total Miles: 2,129.8
72 Running Days

Today was nothing special and not a lot happened. It was chilly in the morning and laying here at night. During the day it was hot with direct sunlight.

My current body status overall is well. I feel good, my legs are doing well, but I have a few blisters, my neck has a bad sunburn from getting my haircut, and I ran out of Carmex, so, my lips are pretty cracked.

I still have three days to the next town and I’m about 9 days estimate from entering Argentina.

The shoes I had to get in Arica are nothing like my Altras... these things are already killing my feet. With about 350 miles on them, I would gladly trash them if I could. Both my Altras had almost a thousand miles and we’re  better than these are now.... but I shall continue.

Nights like these are the worst. These kinds of nights... when the loneliness kicks in. The scanning the horizon and you see nothing but sand for many days and many nights. Semis and trucks pass by during the day and gives you something to see but at night it’s calm, a soft breeze, and with a sharpie I could make “Wilson” from castaway out of a rock.
These nights are the ones that get in your head. It’s been a week since I got a shower virtually. I’ve had one cold drink in a week. And I’ve been in and out of service miserably so even if I wanted to talk to someone I couldn’t. I’m not a music fan when I run but nights like this; the  music could keep me company. But the service out here won’t let it play. It takes me trying to write this a couple hours to post. Anyway I don’t mean to rant, but if your reading this don’t take a single second spent with a loved one for granted. I may not have a woman in my life currently but right now I’d kick this Wilson rock across the sandy desert floor to talk to my mom, dad, brother, grandma...

Love you all!

To my Vets
: if you get lonely out there, please reach out to someone. It can be anyone, and if you have no one Stop Solider Suicide would be more than happy to chat with you!


  1. 3600 and growing in your World Run group. That is amazing. You may be physically alone, but your fan base - Dustin's Army - is there in spirit. Love reading your blog and your mom's posts. Stay strong!

  2. Keep up the pace. Keep up the pushing. On good days with a full belly, you know these days will pass. You may be physically out of reach, but we are still following your lead and will continue to do so. The shoes may hurt, they are shoe #3 of likely shoe #20, they too deserve a story. Stay on top of the steps, be the next mark in the sand. You got tomorrow to look back at today. Peace be with you brother. You still owe me a bike ride....

  3. Hay Dustin! Im the guy you just talked to, here in the crossroad that leads to Calama. Meeting you was very inspiring, I hope you have a nice passing through Chile and Argentina and that you achive your ultimate goal Good luck!

    1. TThis is Dustin's Mom, Tina. Thank you for being a part of his journey amazing journey! I am sure you will be in his book. If you do Facebook we have a group you might want to join. Dustin Johnson World Record Run.

      Thank you for being so kind!

    2. Hi Tina! That's some kid you have, haha, what an amazing guy... Ive been reading his previous posts and I find it really fascinating, the kind of thougths a person will have when facing an aventuré as huge as the one your kid is atempting, i've enjoyed it very much... I imagine its a bit hard for you everyday expecting news to see how he's doing, but you sure have a strong boy and we'll be kind to him here in Chile and in argentina :)
      I dont have Facebook but ill keep coming to this page to check on his progress. Please excuse my poor english, I wish you all the best of luck, blessings!