Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Day 105/106

Miles: 60.4
Total Miles: 2,099.6
71 Running Days

Yesterday was a average running day but an amazing day due to the continued generosity and kind hearts of the Chilean people. (Keep in mind these are working class people going out of their way, not the ones driving by in a Mercedes; these guys/woman are in dump truck, on mining vehicles, in semis, and working along the roadside.)

It started generosity started yesterday around 9 when a gentlemen on the roadside working stopped shoveling concrete mix into a 5 gallon bucket and proceeded to his lunch pail where he grabbed a 20oz water and two bananas. Walked up to me and told me I probably needed it more. (I guarantee him shoveling concrete in the same weather I’m running he needed more than me but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.) All his buddies slapped him on the back and gave me thumbs up and best wishes.

Around 1300 a man pulled his dusty dump truck off the road and I figured he was looking or fixing something. I pass the truck and kept running when he called,”Amigo Amigo”. I turned around and he tossed down a water and a chicken sandwich that was still warm. I felt bad for him giving me his lunch but I was really appreciative.

The biggest heart stopper of them all came around 1500 right before I was going to stop to set up camp. I was looking for a good place when I heard squeaking brakes coming to a stop across the road in a little emergency pull off spot. I thought first I hoped his breaks would stop if that was the problem and they stopped. But what I didn’t think would happen was how fast he got out of his semi and jogged over to me not with 20oz water but with a gallon. He said,” you need this” I smiled thanked him strapped it down and was about to carry on when I see him jogging back over. The entire time with this big grin on his face like he was enjoying ever second. He gets back to me and hands me 3 oranges and a package of oatmeal cookies. (I’m  smiling head to toe at this point and I even offer to pay him but he refused) not able to control my happiness I ask for a picture which he gladly accepted and then took one for himself. He asked what I was doing way out here alone. I told him I was running the world to stop military suicides. He didn’t look at me but turned and started to undo hatches on his truck. Pulls out two gallons of water, jogs  over puts it on my cart with the gallon, comes back grabs a Gatorade bottle and a bottle of honey and pours half into the Gatorade bottle. Looks at me while doing spirit fingers across his stomach while saying Miel and gives to two thumbs up indicating it was good for me. I thanked him 100 times over and what he did next touched my heart forever.

He pats his heart, pats my heart with his hand and looks up
Then when I say thank you he puts his arm around me and says,” from my family to your family I have lots of love. (Mucho Amor)

It was such a sweet moment between to people who have never met, in the middle of a desert hundreds of miles from towns, acting like he was just an old friend of mine catching up on what’s new. It was so casual to him, but it meant so much to me.

His name was Fernando and I’ll always remember him for his generosity and selflessness.


More desert running, tempts still cold at night and in the morning. Hot with direct sunlight during the day.

I passed through a internal customs checkpoint today. Had all my belongings searched again and put through machines. Took about an hour.

The few good things continue to be Chilean kindness. Three different bottles of water, a can of coke, and a sandwich! All from road workers.

The one thing I’ve really been craving is something extremely cold to drink. At the customs checkpoint I was able to buy a few drinks and one had ice in it. I offered to buy as many as they had like that but it was the only one. Drinking room temperature water gets very old very fast but gotta stay hydrated.

Camping tonight I came to a spot and climbed a little hill off the road and it has some amazing views. No tent tonight, I wanna sleep under the stars and let the moon light the night. The sky’s were blue, slowly turned red, orange, pink, cotton candy pink before going dark blue for the night. Can’t beat falling asleep in a place with very few people even go. The road less traveled leads to a beautiful camping area for anyone who wants to know.


  1. 😭💕 Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. A beautiful day full of beautiful Chilean people.
    God Bless you Dustin

  3. Wow! Your sunset sounds absolutely beautiful as does all the stories of the Chilean people!

  4. Your stories have definitely made Chile an entry on my bucket list. Keep going brother! Praying for you.