Monday, August 12, 2019

Day 104

Miles: 34.5
Total Miles: 2,039.2
69 Running Days

Today I woke up during the morning hours to a earthquake. Later found out it was a 4.9 or 5.0 depending on the source. I just laid there with my eyes closed spread out like a starfish and just enjoyed it honestly. After about a minute it was done and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Later in the day there was a really small quake that caused some gases in the surrounding desert to act funny and make popping noises for miles and miles.

I ran feeing pretty good today and found a smal diner outside a mining camp. The only building for as far as your eyes could see so clearly it was put up to feed the miners.
The miners were very curious about me and we stood and talked for awhile but they didn’t want their pictures taken unfortunately. I ordered some chicken and rice and ate it fairly quick before taking off again. Was a little uneasy with the questions and the admiration for things in my cart. I was outmanned 50/1. On a. Side note if anyone wants to lose weight, gain massive muscles, while eating whatever you want come work with those guys. All 50 were huge.. their arms showed every vein in them. In was impressive. No protein shakes, no special diets, just hard work in the mines and lots of chicken.

I had a few gentlemen stop as they left the diner many miles down the road and give me waters. It was very appreciated but I’ll have to use my filter or boil it seeing the seals were all broken and clearly refilled by the looks of the bottle being worn.

I came to an interesting situation today. It’s one I’ve had many times and every time I come to the same conclusion. So I will ask you all the same thing that runs through my mind out here at the ensuing if the day. The sun is beating down, it’s been 30+ miles, your looking for a good place for camp and you go around a corner and BAM you see a huge climb. At least two miles and probably a good hour with the slope. Do you call it a day because your tired and ready for food and climb it in the morning or do you slowly push the cart up the mountain side now? Also keep in mind the climb could also lead to much more climbing. I’ve spent days where the whole day was up.
Some of you I’m sure say climb and some say climb it when your fresh.
My philosophy out here has been simple. Climb the mountain side and if it keeps going I keep going. There is no such thing as ending on a bad note. There is no making the day worse. Sure it make suck during it but at the end you can cook food and get sleep. If I were to do it in the morning I could set my whole day to be a slow paced sluggish day. So today I choose to climb and I’m camping at the top. Looking out thinking how in the morning I’ll have a flat running surface for as far as I can see from here. It’s a beautiful sight.

To My Vets:
Don’t put things off. Do it know. Don’t wait. Your dreams are a priority and needs to happen accordingly. When you “procrastinate” you risk never doing it. If it’s the end of a hard day at work and you wish you could work on that business plan you’ve always wanted but you’ve had a long day. Do it anyways. Force yourself to set that priority and get it done. Build the habit. Procrastination to me is not a real word. Or if it is, it means not having the ability to set priorities. Don’t procrastinate reach out and get what is yours!

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  1. Lol! Good for you! I'm a horrible procrastinator! Been that way my whole life! Guess that's why I'm on my couch & you're running in another country! Keep up the good work!