Sunday, August 11, 2019

Day 103

Miles: 32.1
Total Miles: 2,004.7
68 Running Days

Today was overall a good day. I left out a little later than normal but was making pretty good time due to it being relatively flatter than normal. I passed a military base and some really cool old mounds with multiple levels and a few different doors for entry that looked like they had fallen apart or down. If I wasn’t on the run I would have put on my head lamp ran a quarter mile across the desert and up into the mystery.

About noon I came to a small village that didn’t have many houses but it did have a “popping” Main Street. There were several tents set up selling foods. I was able to get two dozen fresh farm eggs that should last a little while and some tuna cans. Which made me happy.

For some reason having tuna cans in my cart makes me feel a lot better about these hundred mile stretches of nothing. Which Google can be wrong and I come across a village not on the maps like today which is always a blessing.

I went into a gas station (which actually had a small convenience store attached unlike Peru) and got some water and a pear juice since it’s been so long since I had fruit i get my body needed it. They also had pulled pork sandwiches which they called “American Meat Sandwich” as the name of it. It was a little more expensive than the others but I got one and I am very glad I did! It was super good or I was super hungry.

The desert I’m in is really tricky with tempts. It’s low 30’s high 20’s at night and in the morning and something midday if clouds cast over but the usual temperature during the days are high 70s with a blazing heat. No shade, the back of my neck is burnt and so are my legs. It’s weird, it’s  not super hot compared to the states (it’s winter) but the temperature fluctuates so rapidly that high 70s feels incredible hot.

I made camp in a National Reserve. It’s the only trees I’ve seen in days. But they were planted here and are not natural to the area.

The generosity continues with a family stopping to offer me a 3L water but I had just filled my cart up with a weeks worth of supplies and couldn’t fit it. I thanked them greatly.
I am headed towards a city at the bottom of the 20,000 ft mountain I’ll be passing over and it looks like I’m about 6-7 days away. After that I’ll be in the mountains climbing to 20,000 feet and come out in the Amazon Rainforest on the other side in Argentina. Looking forward greatly to being out of the desert. I feel like it all I’ve seen since Lima.

To my Vets:
A wise man once told me,” take a moment to look up into the stars, try to see where you have been and where you need to go, there are many people up there in them stars that are looking down at you wanting you to succeed and watching over you. You have the best support crew anyone could ask for up there, don’t think for a second you are alone in this.”

Don’t think for a second you are alone, you have all your veteran brothers and sisters for generations and generations up there watching over you wanting you to succeed.


  1. You have many down here that want to see you succeed as well! YOU WILL! We are rooting for you!!

  2. I saw a t-shirt on Facebook that made me think of you & your run. It's from The front reads,
    "Do Not Give In To The War Within
    End Veteran Suicide"
    I applaud all the work you, your family, & all are doing to bring a light on this subject. I, personally, don't know any recent veterans but I do know suicide. It's left its mark on our family. So any cause out there to prevent this from happening to people who've already given so much is admirable! I also happen to read a blog today by a man who's very down to earth. His dad committed suicide when he was a boy. He compared it to the first of many dominoes falling. I never thought about it that way before. It's a nice, short read.