Monday, July 29, 2019

Day 88/89/90

Saturday Miles: 35.9
Total Miles: 1,821.5
62 Running Days

Saturday, unfortunately I was in an accident. I was running down a mountain side and was struck by a truck which put me into a sand pile and over my hand bars. I am okay with the exception of a few minor scratches and bruises. My cart on the other hand will not make it. The handle bars broke off completely. Structurally it broke the Varanasi in half in three places and cracked in many more. On impact the front wheel also was roped off the frame. (To keep everything very simple and straight forward)

I stood on the sidebar of the road for over a hour and a half before someone stopped to help me the extra 3 miles to a hotel. I had just entered the country and didn’t have Chilean pesos yet and he didn’t want to help at first. Eventually (15 minutes) he decided to help and accepted Soles.

At the hotel I threw everything in a room, showered, and crashed. I was exhausted.

Sunday I woke up and everything was closed. Everything! I found very few restaurants open (the mall) and that’s about it. All the smal shops were closed but there was a pop up little thrift market about 10 blocks long. So I spent the day walking up and down it just looking at stuff and wasting time honestly. Monday couldn’t come fast enough at this point.

I met a gentleman my age that works at the hotel that was very nice. He signed my book and we talked for a long time that night. He didn’t speak English but he tried very hard. He typed in his phone, would glance at the words and then try and say them to me. Not terrible but not amazing. I helped with words he didn’t know and he appreciates it. He invited me back anytime and I could stay with him  and his family. He also wants to come to the states some time he said. He wants to go to a music festival and his favorite band is Pearl Jam.

Monday I left bright and early and went to every bike store to leave empty handed. No carts.
I jogged around th whole city trying to find something. I ended up with a baby strolller in a sense. It has hard rubber wheels that don’t air up so that is a positive but it holds much less and much less weight. I will make it work and get it done till I can get something better.

My original route for South America has changed and I have got a confirmation that I can add some miles and change my route up. I’m adding a few hundred more miles than originally.

Tomorrow morning I hit the road again and get back at it.
Is it weird that I miss being in the middle of no where at times? I miss the camping and just being out in the world? The city feels lonely and the mountains feel like home.

To my Vets:
Sometimes life hits us hard. Literally. It makes us feel sore and tired but that just means you are alive.
You woke up today. The rest is a work in progress.
But one thing is for certain....
No great warrior ever won his fight by quitting. You can’t make your life better by giving up. If it’s help you need then reach it to Stop Solider Suicide. If it’s a friend you need then reach out to me. If it’s time you need then don’t rush things and let the pieces fall where they need to. But DON’T  ever EVER GIVE UP! You can not win by giving up and you won’t be the only one to lose but those around you will to.

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  1. Really loved your message this time! Very inspiring! And you know, you're right about the city versus the city... I'd rather listen to the birds singing than the horns blowing! Lol!