Friday, July 26, 2019

Day 86/87

Two Day Total: 55.7 (33.5+22.2)
Total Trip Miles: 1,785.6
61 Running Days

Yesterday was a cold day. I don’t listen to music very often. Even though it is extremely lonely I still prefer my surroundings over music, but yesterday was a music day. The wind was blowing hard as a head wind and it was slow rolling hills. My energy level was not the highest and each step felt heavier than the last. So after a few hours of what felt like running with ankle weights I took out my phone and loaded pandora. (Fun fact: Pandora does not exist down here in Peru, but since my service is in America I will get it.) I stopped running and thought about what to put on. Normally my mind goes straight to the only two options I ever really listen to. Kenny G or The Lumineers. Everyone and then I go with a few others but I ultimately decided on my favorite and put it on Kenny G. I was hoping my favorite song would come on but it took over an hour before it did. 

The run yesterday was nothing but sand and a Coca Cola sign (which I set my tent up behind.) 
With the wind blowing, my face getting cold, and music playing I just kept pushing. After 33 miles I was to cold to really wanna continue and that’s when I seen the cola sign and figured it could help with the wind. (It didn’t) once my tent was set up the wind threatened to rip it down. I got inside, hands freezing, face frozen, and my stomach was begging for food. I couldn’t keep a fire lit because of the wind and i was getting to cold to build a wind block so I just rolled over and tried to sleep. 

Waking up I was slow to get up. My body needed food but the wind was still strong. I ate some peanut butter and just figured I’d get on the road and get to Tacna as fast as I could. 

Along the way cars and trucks still honked to see if I needed a ride. A few cars stopping and offering water. As I ran the stretch I just kind of blacked out. I don’t remember much. I remember starting and I remember coming over a hilltop and seeing the town down in the valley. I must have just been in a zone. But toping  the hill and seeing the town made me smile. A warm meal was just a couple miles away. I picked up my pace as fast as I could without letting the cart get out of reach and go speeding down the hill without me. At the bottom I seen a small hostal and across the road from it a farmers market. So I decided it wa a good place to stop. Heading into Chile within the next few days I knew I couldn’t take much fresh stuff but I did end up getting a few potatoes and eggs. 

By Sunday/ Monday I’ll be in Chile. I’ll go through the border crossing and border agency will probably search everything. I’ll have to find a place to exchange my money into Chilean pescos. Last time while in the Navy I was in Chile the prices are fairly close to Peru but a little more expensive: still cheaper than the states. 

I’ll be heading towards the town of Arica in Chile. The hopes of finding a new water jug (my broke) and maybe a new pair of shoes. Mine have almost 1000 miles on them and I’m starting to feel it. 

Tacna seems to be a nice little town but I won’t spend much time here. I ordered some Peruvian pizza and that’s about it. Just a shower (first time in over a week) and then just rest up for tomorrow.

To my vets: 
Love- the reason you do something. 
Passion- the fuel for what you do. 
If you do something you live with no passion your flame can slowly go out, if you do something you love and have a passion for your work will forever have a source of fuel and will always burn. 
Don’t do something just because you like it, find something you enjoy but have a few passion for. Then and only then will it last a lifetime. 

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  1. I always see your pictures on Facebook before reading the blog (which I love!). I really like seeing the pics of everyday life there rather than the touristy ones. It may not seem like it, but we're there with you on the road. You're doing great! 🙂