Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Day 85

Today’s Miles: 30.3
Total Miles: 1,729.9
59 Running Days

Today started out with thick fog and strong cold winds. Very quickly into my day it turned into strong cold winds and rain. The fog stayed but fog doesn’t really affect anything. I got out my cold weather coat since it’s waterproof (rain gear was in the box I didn’t get). The coat made it really hot but it kept me dry for the most part. My pants and shoes got soaked but as long as my hands and head stay dry and warm I’m usually good. It rained for about 4 hours before turning into a mist for the remainder of the day.

I was able to keep my cart fairly dry once I pulled my tarp out and bungeed it around. Nothing in my cart got wet.

Running with wet shoes and socks is not the ideal thing. The first thing that comes to mind is blisters but actually my feet are fine. I pushed to make today a quicker day and it paid off. I came up a large incline (a few miles) and at the top was a tiny little village with just a few houses and one little grocery shop. I had camped the last 6 days (which I actually really enjoy) but tonight the grocery lady is giving me a small room to get out of the rain and cold tonight and let me charge my devices. She charged me 30 soles for the night. She also made me some fish and rice for an additional 8 soles.

As I was walking around outside just looking around to see if I could find a little place to get a few waters I man came to me with a hot corn on the cob and a large slice of cheese and asked for two soles for the food. I gave it to him just out of curiosity how the two tastes together: it wasn’t bad. Not what you would except (mostly because the cheese isn’t an american cheese).

Another cool thing that happened. As it is raining I hear a little girls voice yell Americano Americano   And then a few words I couldn’t make out. I slow to a stop trying not to flip the cart mid stride. I see a car driving backwards with a girl half sticking out of the window holding a small bag in her hand. She is getting wet but didn’t seem to mind. She hands it to me and just giggles while she gets back in the car. My first though was a drink. They have drinks in bags down here. But it was hard to the touch so not a drink. As the car drove off I waved and said thank you and opened the bag. It was three apples, one banana, and a piece of pan (bread but not like sliced bread)

I smiled and stopped for lunch once I got the food. I took out a knife and some peanut butter and took a little water to wash the apple off. It hit the spot and I put the others up in my box for later.

All in all I had about 15 people try and help me today. Most days there are a few people stop and ask if I need a ride. A few stick out there hands and give a thumbs up or down signal. Some honk and wait for a gesture from me. But today was different. People seen the rain and felt bad for me. People offering me more water than I could drink. Offering me little juices or I even had a guy offer me half is sandwich he was eating in his work trailer out of the rain. Today the Peruvian people showed me once again why I love this country.

Even though it rained Peru made it a great day. People are very geniuses and understanding.

Another thing I want to say is this. If someone came to America and didn’t speak much English we would judge them, may even say we can’t help them, we may ask them to leave our stores or tell them they need to learn English if they are going to be there. During my time in Peru not once did someone make me feel unwanted or even if I was having a hard time understanding their Spanish they took their time and figured out what I needed or how to help. It’s something we may think about in America. Whether it’s someone living there or someone visiting. It doesn’t take much time to slow down and try and figure out what people may need. ❤️ love all people regardless of the languages they speak.

To my vets:
I am also out of Peru. Not very long left and I’ll be in Chile. A next chapter in my adventure.
Shoot me a message about steps you have taken towards a goal while I’ve been down here. What is your next chapter?

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