Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Day 84

Todays Miles: 30.6
Total Miles: 1699.6
58 Running Days

My GPS went crazy today. I charged it last night  and woke up ready to hit the day. It had a full battery and should last the next three days. At mile 11 it showed 1 percent so I quickly grab the charger to pull it in thinking I missed read the battery this morning. Even plugged in it died 5 minutes later. (Unfortunate didn’t get a picture of the mileage for my backup data) I was frustrated but turned it back in and it showed 100 percent battery and didn’t have any problems the rest of the day... Anyone else had similar problems?

Today was like the last few. Morning was extremely foggy and chilly by 10 the sun started to shine through and the fog lifted.
It was another day of ups and downs, left and rights, twists and curves.

I didn’t really see anything else today, no food, no water to buy.
I passed fairly close to a town (2km) but I didn’t trek up the mountain side over to it.

The wind is blowing really hard right now and it’s shaking the tarp and tent like crazy.

I set up camp and decided on some tuna I have in a can and some crackers with peanut butter.

Fun facts about Dustin’s journey: ......

The things he has mixed with peanut butter to give it more flavor..... (sorry if I offend your taste buds)
1. Tuna
2. Quinoa
3. Rice
4. Eggs
5. Potatoes
And the list can go on... and by the way before I even left for this run I put peanut butter on my eggs.

To my vets:

I’m not full of inspirational quotes. I don’t have my mind wandering and thinking of the right thing to say today. I can’t think of a perfect message to send you. For that I’m sorry but do know I care for you and I am here if anyone needs someone to talk to. May life present you your door with opportunity and ignore it doesn’t open you kick it down and enter anyways.


  1. Keep up your good work!!!! Took a picture of my bracelet but can't upload it I wear it everyday I am not working.

  2. The food sounds gross but when you're hungry, its amazing what tastes good! Stay safe! Praying for you!

  3. Love the inspirational message, the last part made me laugh. Keep up the good work we’re pulling for you.

  4. You’re doing an amazing thing!! Keep pushing on, even in the barren days... God will guide you, as He has already led you to this blessing of a journey. Praying for you!! You’re an inspiration. Thank you for your service!!

  5. You are truly inspiring! Keep it up and be safe!!

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  7. So proud and inspired by what your doing been keeping track of you since day one your message and awareness needs to get out and heard for the sake of all our veterans

  8. Hey Dustin, Melody Little from Chaffee here! Just wanted you to know we are reading and coming along with you in spirit and in prayer. We pray every night for you, me and my youngest son Jacob!!💕

  9. I guess if your hungry anything will do! Lol! I like peanut butter but, eww! Ha ha! Keep spreading the word!

  10. Hey Dustin I don’t know you but I’ve been following your journey. I’m fascinated by your drive and determination.
    I wanted to comment because you had trouble with your gps today. I had problems with my phone’s gps while running in the cold. I did some research awhile back and there is something about the cold and how it interacts with the battery. I would keep it in an interior pocket as much as I could to keep the battery from dying mid-run. Not sure if that’s what you’re dealing with but with a similar experience I thought I’d share.