Monday, July 22, 2019

Day 82-83

Miles Both Days: 60.3
Total Trip Miles: 1,669.0
56-57 Running Days

Yesterday was an up hill - down hill game, literally. The first 12.3 miles were down hill, the last 17.9 miles were all up hill. It made for a very interesting day. 

As I got to the bottom of the mountain there was a tiny little village and cars were backed up for miles. Curious I eagerly sped up. I got there and didn’t see anything special at first. Truck drivers eating at the one restaurant and people getting supplies from a tiny little grocery (fresh food only) store. With my new camping gear I decided to go in and I got 3 eggs and two potatoes and two ears of corn for food and for drinks I got two 1L waters and a 3L Tampico (Orange Jucie in a way) and I paid 8.20 soles. So pretty dang cheap. 

After I loaded the food and drinks I pushed on a ran around the corner where I then saw why things were backed up. Two tractors were using there buckets to push large rocks from the cliff edge into the road as they banged them into the walls. And smal groups of people had big tires in the road and were setting them on fire. The smoke stunk. I was worried they wouldn’t let me by seeing they were mad about something but as I approached they were nice and didn’t say a word to me and made room for my cart to get thriough. I later seen a yellow flag with the words Agro yes Mina No. on the other side as I start my climb traffic is backed up the same as before but this time it went on for nearly 6 miles. Truck drivers kept asking me what was going on.  All I could really tell them was there were people that didn’t seem happy and they were putting large rocks in the road while lighting tires on fire so people wouldn’t drive around till all the rocks were in place. Needless to say they were not happy to have to wait some seemed to have been waiting for ever as they were asked in their trucks. 

After I passed all the trucks  it got really quite. I didn’t see another vehicle the entire time I was on the road. I set camp and started to cook my food before I even seen one car and that’s al I even ended up seeing till I went to bed. 

As I was setting up camp some dark clouds rolled in and I made a nice fort with my tarp and everything under it. 

Woke up and there was thick heavy fog for the first 4 hour and of the day. At the worst 50meters visibility and at the best a quarter mile. 

Didn’t see many cars today, did t really see much of anything at all. I was still in the middle of no where. I seen one a few dogs and one tiny village with a few huts no electricity and no water. 

I was getting low on water and a construction worker let me buy two off of him. He charged more than they were worth but it was worth it for me! 

Yesterday I ate eggs and potatoes
Tonight I’ll have potatoes and tuna 

I was very lucky yesterday during that protest to stop at the fresh food store and get a few eggs and two potatoes. I should have gotten more! 

Overal today was very uneventful and pretty much a straight road that went up and down in the middle of the desert with winds would give you an exact outline of it. 

To my vets: 

There may be days that are boring and slow. They seem to stretch forever. Days that are mundane and seem pointless but remember this; days like those are what makes the good days good. You couldn’t have an amazing day if you didn’t have a boring one. So keep going and your amazing day is coming! 


  1. I love reading your blogs Dustin!!!!

  2. This is what the protesters were saying"slogan of the protests was “Agro S´ı, Mina No ” (Agriculture yes, Mining not),"
    Safe Travels Dustin

  3. So glad they let you through their protests! Glad you were safe and they didn't bother you. Continued prayers for your travels. Stay safe!

  4. Keep on trucking love the stories what beautiful country

  5. Dustin, I'm sure your journey can be long & difficult at times. Thank you so much for doing this! You're a good man! 🙂