Friday, July 19, 2019

Day 80

Today’s Miles: 30.1
Total Miles: 1578.5
54 Running Days (The off days are so unneeded..)

Today I woke up ready to hit the road. I was unable to get my two new pairs of shoes, new tubes for my cart, and a few other small things. I was able to go get gloves and wool socks and some other things that were in the box I was waiting on but the shoes and tubes were the biggest things.

I hit the road once he sun cane up and felt great. It was like a child who learned to walk for the first time kind of giddy. Leaving the city was crowded but I got it done just slower than I would have liked I was ready to stretch the legs.

Once out of town I took off. The cart weighs more now than ever but once I got it going it wasn’t bad: I had just as many down hills as up hills and the up hills are much better.

At about 20 miles in my front tire takes a small rock and puts a hole in it...... if only I would have gotten my box so I had more tubes. (Arequipa has 8 cycling stores and they all told me the front tire was to small to order through them.)
I spent the next 10 miles pumping up the front tire every quarter mile or so.
Not sure what to do at this point but I’ll make it work.
Just a big kick to me while I felt down is all.
All that time waiting for a box that didn’t come and then a flat.
(No fix a flat or tube patches down here from what I have been told and seen)
Anyone else has ideas let me know.

I set up camp around 3 and put up the new tent. Easier than the last one and has a better entrance for a single man mountaineering tent. Couldn’t have asked for a better set up.

I set up my tiny propane tanks and am cooking quinoa as I write this. It’ll be nice to be able to cook some. Even if it’s just potatoes or carrots I buy off locals.

I sit here writing this staring off into the distance. All I can see are these beautiful snow capped mountain tops. My body longs to be there already. My mind wants to wonder into what it’s going to be like. The sting in my lungs with the first cold morning breathe. The sound of the snow crunching under my feet. The animals and birds making noises as I run by. It’s going to be wonderful.

To my vets:

Never give up. Because you are never out of the fight. It doesn’t matter if you wait and things never show. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been kicked while your down and something else goes wrong: you are a veteran. You are stronger than most can comprehend. You are able to see things differently than 99 percent of the population because you are the 1 percent that served. So use It to your advantage.
Be strong, be courageous, and be humble. I love you all and I’m not quitting on any of you no matter what life throws at me out here.


  1. So glad you are back on the road, but sorry you did not get the much needed tubes and shoes. God will provide. Much luck to you.

  2. You are doing such a wonderful thing! Sorry you didnt get the equiptment that you needed. Best of luck to you !

  3. So glad you are back to your run. But I am sorry you didn’t get your packages. I hope you can figure something out with your tire.

  4. You are such a inspiration! Best of luck & May God bless you! Stay healthy!

  5. So it looks like my post didn’t publish .. gonna try again. Your mom and I have texted some. I am in cape and lost my Army Infantry Iraq vet February 15 2018. He fought so hard but just couldn’t anymore. I got my #22 shirts today! Your mom put my Ryan’s name on the sleeve . Ryan would of been excited to follow your journey. 💕 peace and safety as you continue. I am so very proud of you and feel very blessed you are still with us!!!! Ryan’s mom Barb

  6. Praying for God’s provision and strength for you and for all the vets out there who are feeling hopeless.❤️����

  7. Love and prayers (prayer emoji didn’t publish)

  8. Mentioning you in my prayers, dear brother! Bless him, Holy Father, with all strength, health, and the goodness of Heaven! May your days be all that God has planned for you and His Spirit continues to guide as His angels bare you up to the highest paths of righteousness! Love you brother! Keep up all the good works!

  9. You are one strong guy Dustin!