Thursday, July 18, 2019

Day 77-79

Well, in the morning I leave out again to run. Way to many days off and I am very disappointed in the fact my gear was suppose to be here on the 5th at the latest. So I will continue on without it.
1000+ miles on these shoes and I had two pair in my box. So I will suck it up and continue with these shoes. Just so much I won’t have but it’s okay, I have an mentally strong will push through this.

I will do a 50k like I have been tomorrow but I will be taking the mileage up to try and make up for some of this off time. It would be way easier to run more if I had a crew member but I’ll get it done. My cart will weigh in around 80lbs and it will only make me stronger.

Thank you for everyone who hasn’t given up on me, daily updates will begin again tomorrow.

I want to him a huge shout out to my mom for everything she has done while I’ve been trapped in this city. You are an amazing woman and mom! Thank you!!

Thank you to Stop a Solider Suicide for staying true and strong behind me as well.


  1. No one is giving up on you!! I have missed your daily blogs!! Your mom is a rockstar!! Continued prayers

  2. Give up?? No way!! Its not in the Johnson DNA!!


  3. Giving up is not in your vocabulary Dustin. Your mother is an amazing woman for sure. Hugs and prayers daily!! God speed!

  4. We are still with you in SC, Dustin! You are making a difference!