Sunday, July 14, 2019

Day 73-76

Just wanting to give a short update.
I thought I would be gone by now.
If it takes to much longer I will just have to buy what I am able to down here and just leave.
I still don’t have my two boxes with gear.
I am highly disappointed and upset with Cabellas, FedEx, The Postal Service,  and the company down here.
This is just unacceptable. They delivered a small package which only contained a knife. Why would they not delivery everything at the same time.
Rant over:

As for me, I am doing well. Spending more money than I need to but I am eating good food and have a bed to sleep in. I feel like I have ran/walked this whole city twice.
I am getting unbelievably stir crazy. I am ready to hit the road. My legs tell me everyday they are ready to leave.

As crowded and busy as the city is I miss my alone time out in the nature with nothing around. It was peaceful and relaxing.


  1. Hang in there we are with you all the way be safe

  2. hopefully it will be there tomorrow!

  3. Praying with you all the way. There may be a reason that everything is not getting to you. God knows why! Hang in there!

  4. Hold your head up and run on running man.

  5. Trust in The Lord, Dustin. I am a very impatient person, but God is in control. His timing is far better than our own. We don't know what lies ahead in your journey. I know it must be very frustrating for you. I pray for peace of mind for you.

  6. We are praying every day for you and the packages. Please know that we are so proud of you. I always sign my posts with these words....Go Dustin go! Hugs

  7. You can do this Dustin all you need os faith and hope! Go Dustin

  8. I know you are frustrated, but His timing is perfect. Either you are being kept in place for a divine appointment, or kept behind to avoid something we may never find out about. Rest in the knowledge that it as it should be, and continue to eat well and rest, prepare for the coming days. Hoping with you that tomorrow is the day !

  9. Praying you receive your package soon and can get back out there.