Sunday, June 30, 2019

Day 60/61

Where to begin...
Honestly, Friday I felt great. Got a good climb in and the day prior got more food stocked up. At the end of the day I found a nice place to set up my sleeping bag and got organized for the night. The typical moving things around to make them more accessible in the morning but things I don’t need during the day. I laid out my bag and sat down. Still felt great. I was listening to an audiobook since I only had about 45 minutes left and the day was fairly young. (The Silent Patient is a great book for anyone wanting book with multiple twist yet more laid back than a intense thriller.) I got done listening, put my phone up setting an alarm and started at the sky thinking as it went from blue and sunny to full of stars. I laid there thinking about this and that, but mostly about getting my gear and trekking the mountain and the possibilities that lay ahead. As I lay there I drift asleep like most nights. 730-800 and my eyes are shut and my mind is on its own. By 9-915 I was fighting to get out of my sleeping bag and vomiting everywhere. The cramps kicked in soon after followed by a light but pulling headache. Later in the night as this roller coaster from laying down and giving the sand my dinner and water, a pain dead center in the chest came. By 8am the sun had risen and traffic started passing but knew I had only been asleep at most a hour. I laid there till 9 when I woke up to a few semi truck honks letting cars know they are passing or going to slow. At hat point I know I had to get up and move on. A 20 mile day was in my head. As I stirred around the stomach had calmed some but the headache, chest pains, and cramps still there. I put everything my cart like normal and decided to give a small jog without it. Once I slowly jogged forward I realized I could finish this day but what’s the point. I kept repeating i had taken to many days so far but as I jogged back I answered my question and told myself I way lay here and set an alarm for 2pm. If I was good I would run a 15 or so. At 2 I woke up to my alarm, a little startled, and lazily turned it off. I stayed knees tucked into chest and sweated out the sickness(hopefully) in a -15 sleeping bag and 74 outside.
Later that evening I woke up and ate some crackers and had some Tampico (my favorite drink down here! They have it in the states. Just nothing else taste the same.) I felt better but it was nearing 5 and ate some more and went back to bed. I only gave the desert my dinner once during the day and felt the worst was over. It put a smile on my face.

Miles: 29.6
Total Running Miles: 1,515.3
52 Running Days

I woke up today with a small headache and some slight knee soreness. The stomach problems were gone and the chest pain was done. I knew the headache would go away with some fluids but it took a second for the knee pain to kick in. Hmmmm but I figured out it’s most likely from the day spent with my knees tucked up near my chest and being bent like that for so long made my inner knee a tad sore.
By mile 15 I felt fairly good. Headache gone but knee pain still there but not by much.
At mile 18 I came over a ridge and for the first time I seen mountains with snow still on the cape. It was such a beautiful sight! I had to zoom way in but I did get one photo that you can see it some.
Miles 20-25 was in search for food and I had 3 “restaurants” tell me they didn’t have food or they were out or they didn’t serve food.... as I watch them bring out food for others.
I shook it off and figured the village didn’t like outsiders. I came to a village near mile 24 and I was able to get a big bow of rice but they said they were out of chicken, fish, and beef for a few days.
(Hmm maybe the others were too?)
I gladly took the rice and ate some. Kept the other half and finished my day.
At the site in which I’ll sleep I ate the rest and am now enjoying a sunset.

Thank you to everyone to showed me love yesterday! I greatly appreciate it!
It doesn’t go unnoticed!

To my vets:

In days of worry, stress, and pain; sometimes, our best option isn’t to speed up, it’s not to rush through it hoping it’ll go away. Instead it’s slowing down, noticing the little things in life that mean the most and while your smiling let the moment pass. We don’t always have to be the toughest person in the world, sometimes we just have to be the one who moves the slowest so we don’t over look the good things because a bad one is happening.
Keep all your heads up and I love each and everyone of you. If you need anything, I’m just a message away!


  1. I’m glad you are better! I have encountered the same sickness many times as my family is from Ecuador and it comes from poor food sources, water or poorly washed fruit. I know your choices are limited in these small villages. Stick to bottled drinks and use bottle water for teeth brushing. Avoid smoothies and ice. Prophylactic antibiotics helped prevent the onset on my return trips but it won’t be ideal in your case. The cdc recommends taking 2 tabs of Pepto 4x a day as a prophylaxis for travelers diarrhea. Something to consider as you continue your long trek. I’m praying that God continues to watch over you and provides safety and food as you continue on this amazing journey!!!

  2. You paid a steep price to bring attention to a worthy cause. Keep the faith and soldier on. Your efforts will NOT go unnoticed.

  3. My prayers go with you - the strength & honor you are demonstrating is awesome!

  4. Haven't seen an update lately. Praying for your health and safety. Stay in the fight!