Friday, June 28, 2019

Day 59

Today’s Miles: 30.1
Total Trip Miles: 1.485.7
51 Running Days

Today was a fun day! 6 and a half hours of a mostly slow gradual incline. Not once does it flatten out till I reached the top. 23 miles up the mountains from one ridge to the reach ridge. I honestly loved the burn by the end of it. Pushing this much weight gave me a workout that makes me feel alive.
Once at the top I was hit by a sudden sand storm that lasted about 30 minutes. Talk about being thrown off. Once it ended I shook off the sand and continued on. The first 5 minutes of it was the worst and I ducked behind a large rock till it lightened up. My visibility during the first 5 mins was about nothing and the last 25 minutes was about 15-20ft.

All in all, not much happened. I had plenty of food from the town I was in yesterday and I spent most of my 30 miles making my way slowly up the road. It took me about 2 hours longer than my normal 7 1/2 hour days due to the slow climb but honestly I needed it. It felt good to feel something like my calves burning again!


Oh, lastly thanks to everyone with suggestions for audio books. I have very much a old school paper book reader but out here I just can’t.

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