Thursday, June 27, 2019

Day 57/58

Wednesday Miles: 37.5
Total Miles: 1,455.6
50 Running Days

Wednesday was a long day. I didn’t get started till about 4 hours later than normal and the day was mostly uphill with no shoulder. The first time I have had no shoulder for a long period of time since the United States. I had found a good place to put out the sleeping bag but I checked my map and seen a small town/village ahead about 3 miles and figured I’d run up there and see if they had any food. Once there it was just a Google Mirage in the sense of it being a village of shacks and nothing else. I shook my head and pushed on but found I was between mountains and for the next several miles I had no where to get off to camp. It led me to another shack village and then more mountains with the sides stretching 50 to 100 feet on either side of the road. It finally took me to a little bit larger village but still nothing for food or hostals. So, I kept pushing. At this point it was going to start getting dark because of my late start to the day. I ended up going several more miles in the dark before ending up in the biggest town I’ve seen in a week. I found a hostal and it looks like there could be some stores to get supplies.

Today I decided to take a “supply day”
I don’t need a recovery day because I feel great but I do need to find some food and water for the next 5 days. I’ll be heading to the second largest city in Peru but between here and there is absolutely nothing. So, I am taking advantage of this town and decided to shop around and get enough supplies to last me 5 days. I found fruits, oatmeal, cookies,  canned tuna, pecans, crackers, some hard candy, and a few other small things. All in all it may not be the most nutritious foods but it’ll keep me running. It’ll be much better than the last week and it’ll keep me high energy and positive.

Some of the cool things I got to be apart of was the morning farmers markets with everyone yelling their prices of their foods, the little thrift shops and miscellaneous shops that set up near the farmers market and I got to get some food in my belly. For lunch Pescado Fritas (fish rice and fries) and for dinner some pizza. It was nice to have something a little different than chicken/fish and rice.
I bought a second pizza and will eat it tomorrow sometime. The pizza is different for sure. Very little sauce, a ton of cheese, very little meat, and little to no grease.

I look forward to getting to the big city and getting all my gear back in the mail. My tent, cold weather gear, tarps, ropes, knife, and just everything really. Yes it makes my cart weigh about 75 lbs total but it’s so worth having it with me. Having the ability to build a lean to with my tarp and rope is a good feeling in bad weather, plus I’ll have my tent to help with animals (small).

My signature book was doing so well in the states, but unfortunately down here I have only one person. People just don’t like putting their name in some unknown book.

I have this day for supplies and maybe a day in the big city to let me gear come in the mail since it takes so long to get down here from the states but once I get my gear I don’t plan on any off days unless I get hurt or need it for some reason physically till after I get into Argentina. No off days planned for Chile. I’m ready to get over the mountains and put them in he past. I also want to save those off days for later in the run.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me or has been following along with my journey! You all mean so much!

To my vets:

Tomorrow morning (Friday) I’ll have a special Facebook Live Video just for you! Love you my brothers and sisters


  1. Keep kickin'! So glad you found food and a safe place to lay your head.

  2. You are doing an amazingly awesome job! You've got this and God's got you! 🙏❤ Dawn C.

  3. Dustin, I’ve been reading about your progress now and again since I saw you on the Myrtle Beach news! Thank you for doing this run. In you taking time out to help the older man on Day 56, I wanted to give you something from the Bible. “Give and it will be given to you. .... and it will be [returned] to you.” Luke 6:38. I left out the part of the verse where it indicates MORE is given back. I am trusting you will receive more help in a time that you need it - like the time the older gentleman needed when you helped him. Great job!!! Run on!!! Laurel