Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Day 56

Todays Miles: 40.0
Total Trip Miles: 1,418.1
49 Running Days

Today was a rough day. I spend the whole day practically climbing and rarely descending. No shoulder to the road but traffic wasn’t to bad. Half way through the day my front tire went flat. So I spent the whole rest of the day trying to keep all the weight on the back two. Still don’t have it aired up but I should be able to find something tomorrow. 

There were absolutely no restaurants (people serving food out of their house) and no villages at all today really. I stayed on the coast line and just kept climbing. A few of the spots were deadly for anyone not paying attention. With the cliff side touching the white line on the road. If anyone were to drift off onto the white line they would be potentially looking at a 300-400 ft fall if not further in some areas. Some areas were much further and the bottom was jagged cliffs and not ocean water. 

After so many days without a place to plug up my gear my portable charger died. GPS on 40 percent and phone on 25 percent. I knew this day would come, I have been trying to get another portable charger since I got down here. So when I woke up and realized my electronics would probably all die today my only goal was trying to keep my gpa from dying. If my phone did so be it but I needed my GPS device to track me. My phone got to 5 percent and I turned it off. My GPS at one point got down to 8 percent. I was lost and really didn’t know how to go about the situation with 25 miles to the next village (which doesn’t promises anything)

Just moments after trying to analyze how I could make it work a older gentlemen was in the side of the road struggling to pull up a double wheel from a semi truck out of a valley aprox. 75 ft down. 
My mind wanted to keep going.. after all my gps device doesn’t pause and it’s loosing life. But my heart wouldn’t let me run passed him without seeing if he was alright even though I don’t speak Spanish very well. He wasn’t alright. We was exhausted and the wheel was from his rig. 
So I did what I think any man in my position would do. I pushed my cart to the side and got ready to sweat even more. I tried communicating to him a few ideas I had and he seemed opened minded to what I had to offer. I climbed down into the valley and back up several times before I had everything situated how I think it would work best. Knowing he wouldn’t have much power to his pull I tried rigging a pulley system with some circle spinners he had on the trailer. After that it came to me slowly pulling and pulling. After a hour and a half we had it more than half way up. He was down and out and it was up to me. I kept a close eye on my watch and I realized after two hours I would need to go. So I went back down to the tire and gave it my everything to move some large rocks and stones and make the path a little easier to slide. When the two hour mark hit I had it about ten feet from the top. At that point h gave me a hug and a thumbs up and I left. He didn’t want a selfie with me but I did get some pics of the chain on the tire and him working by his truck. Just respected him enough not to include his face. 

Once I started running again it was all uphill and I was drained. 
I look at my GPS and I still had 23 miles to go. 
My GPS now sitting at 3 percent and I knew I wouldn’t make it. 
So I got desperate. I ran as fast as I could. Literally the verge of a sprint (as fast as I could going up a hill with a flat front tire) 
I see a super small hut/shack out in the sand and it’s all by itself. I see a woman outside and a power wire by the shack. Maybe this would be a shack that actually had power. 
It did. For 10 soles she let me charge my GPS device and phone. 30 minutes later I was about 50/50 on both devices and I took add again. 

A few miles up the road a semi truck stopped and gave me two oranges and some hard candy. Which was very nice of him. 

All in all as the sun was setting I finally made it to the village. It has a hostal and I will be staying there so I can fill charge all my devices. Took me about 9 hours running but I had plenty of time not running and doing other things. The hostal does not have food so I’ll have to wait for the morning. 
There are community showers and I don’t have a towel yet so in the morning I’ll just rinse off and get get by running. For tonight I’ll eat my famous Honey an Maple Syrup sandwich which is what I have to eat most days anyways. 

For anyone interested in my animal list these are the two best things to date but I’ll post everything I’ve seen so far on here soon. 

Peruvian Inca Hairless Dog

Culpeo also known as Andean Fox

To my vets: 
I’ll be doing a facebook live video either tomorrow or Thursday depending on service but it’ll be for you; my brothers and sisters. Stay strong, stay true, and stay humble. 


  1. Your kindness and willingness to help others is off the chart fantastic! I'm pulling for you, sir. And praying for your safety and continued high energy effort!

  2. You never know how an act of kindness (even a smile) will affect someone, maybe even change their life or yours. Still praying for you everyday. Dawn C.

  3. Im a huge believer in karma and I know that all the effort you put towards helping others so selflessly will come back around to you threefold.

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