Monday, June 24, 2019

Day 54/55

Miles: 61.1
Total Trip Miles: 1,378.1

Over the last two days not a lot has changed. I’m still running up and down the mountains and along the shoreline. The mornings and nights are often cold and windy with the day time usually being around 60. The sun still sets around 1745 (545) and rises around 630. I have been finding places asleep off the road usually along the mountain side somewhere where I believe people can’t see me. I am sleeping in only a sleeping bag till my other gear gets to the city I am headed to. Hopefully in about 10 days I’ll have most of my gear again. Sleeping in a bag and no tent leaves me very vulnerable  to the weather, animals, and anything else out here. But no problems up to now.
A major warning I have gotten from locals is the Puma population I’m about to head towards. The city I am headed to is dead center of the area with the worlds largest puma population so I leave it up to God and every angel up there watching over me to keep me safe!
Food is still scarce but I have found a few small shacks that offer me food: I pay way more than normal for it but the food is worth the money. Most days I eat bread with honey but once I get to the city I’ll be able to restock my supplies that I had to leave in America.
I seen an ancient breed of dog down here which at first gave me a jolt of energy to run faster but it caught me and just wanted to smell me. It was a Peruvian Inca Hairless Dog. Black as night and skin like leather. A tiny amount of hair just on its head. No picture unfortunately at the time I was more worried about getting away.
I had some dog friends follow me about 25 miles today. They stopped once a truck driver threw them some food and I just kept going. Maybe I’ll see them again. It does get lonely out here and the dogs are good company.
I have started a list of every type of animal I see. I’ll be very curious to see what all I accumulate before South America is over in a few months.

To my vets:

My only advice today is simple....
Sometimes later never comes.

Do today what you have always dreamt of. Start today towards being healthy and happy living passionately doing what you love. Wake up and put your inner fire to use and don’t live for anyone but you. You do what will bring joy to your life. We work on average nearly 45 years before we retire. Why not find something you can love for those years.


  1. We are praying for you everyday. We always check here to make sure you are ok, even if we dont comment. Keep doing what you are doing. ❤ Jacqualine & Travis

  2. I wondered about the loneliness but know you are not alone..ever! God is with you every step you take. You got this and HE's got you! Dawn C.