Saturday, June 22, 2019

Day 51/52/53

Total Miles: 1,317.0
46 Running Days

My total should be 21 miles more but I can’t use the miles due to having to stop my route on the highway when I left to go searching for food. Didn’t want to break any rules.

The last 3 days have been interesting to say the least. Days filled with little to no food and lots of running up mountain sides just to go back down the other. Mostly eating a few pieces of bread each day. I am making my way to a very large city with a grocery store so in about 10 days (315 miles) I’ll be able to stock up with a lot of food!

I have been in and out of service but mostly no service at all. I stick to my books most of the days. If you haven’t read the Tattooist of Auschwitz it’s a good one.

I have started to really prefer the sight of these beautiful majestic mountains over the crashing waves of the sea. There’s something up here that speaks to me much more. It pulls me the same way the ocean pulls the water back out to sea, or the same way music draws the listening ear. These mountains make no noise, they do not move, but they speak to me, they reach out and touch me. They welcome me.

Most nights I have been able to find good places to put out my sleeping bag. Usually not to far off the road but out of sight as much as possible. Nights and mornings are full of cool breezes that make getting out of the sleeping bag hard.

A random cool fact of today is I hit my running goal. 1,300+
This means I have sunk below the 15k mark and now have 14k+ left!
16.3k —- 16k— 15k—- now in the 14k range!

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  1. Just catching up on your blog but pray for you everyday every step..what you are doing still amazes me..Books are a constant companion to me. I'm glad you enjoy them too. DAWN C.