Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Day 49

Today’s Miles: 31.8
Total Miles: 1,213.31
42 Running Days

Today was all about making it to Nazca to stock up on supplies. (I’ve been living off peanut butter for a few days) Unfortunately it was a huge let down. A lot of stores closed down. Most stores were tire and mechanic shops. A few restaurants but they only took visa and no mastercards. The little bit of cash I do have (30 soles) I need for fruit stands or things in the middle of no where that clearly only take cash if I see any. I spent well over an hour searching for food and came up empty handed. Not a single place for me to get anything. If the map shows correct I have over 200 miles of nothing. All I have on hand for food is a half jar of peanut butter. I had about 100 miles just to get to this town and it was a major let down. Not sure what I’ll do for food at the moment. After my time searching and either turned down at restaurants (which I couldn’t take that food with me anyways) due to mastercard and just not finding a store with any food in it I kept moving.
After about 5 miles I noticed my front tire is getting a little low on air. (Unlucky) hope to find a gas station that actually has air soon.
The next few days could get rough or I could get lucky and find some food even if it’s just another jar of peanut butter. I want to say thanks to my mother who is trying so hard to help from so far away. Love you mom!

Days like today and the days to come make me wish I had a companion with me. But it’s a lot to ask of someone to take off that much time and money they’d need to find themselves.

Anyways I’m just rambling now. Thank you all for all your support it means a lot.


  1. Just remember Dustin...one step at a time.... God is on your side..Look up into the sky, you are not alone...
    You are in mine and my family prayers …
    You are a strong person, I have Faith in you...
    Ginger Tulauskas

  2. Praying tonight that you find a store and a gas station with air.

  3. Special prayers that God will provide you with all that you need. Asking God to bless your travels and the purpose of your journey.
    Celtic Blessing: “The Path”
    God bless the path on which you go
    God bless the earth beneath your feet
    God bless your destination.
    God be a smooth way before you
    A guiding star above you
    A keen eye behind you
    This day, this night, and forever.
    God be with you whatever you pass
    Jesus be with you whatever you climb
    Spirit be with you wherever you stay.
    God be with you at each stop and each sea
    At each lying down and each rising up
    In the trough of the waves, on the crest of 
 the billows.
    Each step of the journey you take.

  4. Time to get creative. Be wise and safe and above all else, keep hydrated and keep moving forward. Something will come, it is supposed to be this way...