Monday, June 17, 2019

Day 47/48

Sundays Miles: 29.7
Total Miles: 1,149.31
40 Running Days

Monday’s Miles: 32.2
Total Miles: 1,181.51
41 Running Days

Sorry everyone I’ve been in and out of service the last couple of days. Lots of mountains, it’s been very much like a roller coaster. Except the only few has been more mountains and deserts.


Really an uneventful day. No towns but a few very small little villages with nothing in them but a few shacks. The running was very clean with a nice shoulder. The temperature was cool as windy in the morning and evening but about 70 midday. I ended up finding a nice place under a tree to conceal myself and get some sleep. At one point I was going through a village and a dog was barking at me from a roof top which was really interesting.


Today started out like most days here lately.
Chilly and very windy here in the desert topped mountains. Starting the morning around 630 and in a hoodie and sweats (all I have at the moment) I took off and was making great timing.
As I was passing this tiny little hut in the middle of no where all by itself no bigger than a 10X10 I woman stopped me and asked if I needed water and food. I was able to buy two bottles and they made me some chicken, fries, and rice with cut up veggies. It was a really nice surprise thinking I wasn’t going to get any real food today. Not to mention she only charged me 10 soles for it all!
That took about an hour but an hour very well spent. As I continued on for the day I finally reached the top of the mountains that I have been climbing up and down for the last couple days. Once I got up to the top there was a small tunnel about 800-1000 meters long that I had to pass through and getting out into the other side was breathtaking. It was absolutely gorgeous! He prettiest thing I have seen in a very very long time. I ended up taking about 10 minutes to sit on top of this large rock and just soak it all in before making my way down the long curvy road. Once I decided to start descending I knew it would take a lot pounding to my knees trying to stop my 50 pound cart from taking off on me and I was right. Two miles down hill was enough to give me some aches. Once down I found a very small village again but surprisingly they had a little tiny store that sold some drinks!! I bought 3.5L drinks and stocked up for the coming days of nothing. Tomorrow I’ll hit a town but after that it’ll be about a week before I see another. So being able to stock up now makes me feel better and I won’t need to get as much. After the village I started back up the next mountain area and will be on it for awhile. All in all I have about a month before I am completely over these mountains.
I found a safe place to sleep but unfortunately it will not be comfortable. Mostly rocks. But it’s safe so it’ll work just fine.

I just want to thank everyone for supporting me and everyone back home doing everything they can for me. I love you all! ❤️


  1. Thank you, Dustin, for taking us on this journey with you. Know that we are daily praying for you. God is with you each step of every run.

  2. Keep on giving it your all man! Good luck!

  3. Your a champ. Thank you for letting us tag along. Im orginally from Chaffee. So its very exciting to see that you're from that area. Safe travels and many prayers.