Saturday, June 15, 2019

Day 46

Todays Miles: 29.6
Total Miles: 1,119.61
39 Running Days

Today, I woke up in covered in sand. Clearly the wind had blown last night and got all over my sleeping bag and cart. I brushed it off and started on my day. It was actually the first day where it felt chilly. I had to put on a hoodie and jacket with a beanie. Luckily it wasn’t any colder because I don’t have my cold weather gear yet. It ended up warming up by 930-10 and the rest of the day was warm.

I worn some shorts that were a little shorter than I normally wear and my thighs got some sun. A nice pink color haha

Up to this point I have been blessed with great running roads. The shoulders to the roads down here so far are huge. It allows me to get in a good pace early on and just go.
Some people have asked about how long it takes me to do a 50k everyday or at least that’s my average and really its right around 7 hours 30. Some days take longer due to circumstances our if my control and some days are quicker.

I do plan on moving my daily average up to around 33 miles a day within a few weeks. I’m going to stick to 30 for now but as long as everything is still feeling good I’ll move it up 3. Then after that I’m not sure when I’ll move it up again. Right now I’m still setting a good pace to “warm up” for all of this. Still have 15,181 miles left to go. It’s a long journey. But to this point I feel fantastic. 7.5 hours in my feet, a few hours getting my sleeping arrangement set up and getting comfortable, a little bit to write the blog and then I’m getting a solid 8 hours every night no matter what usually. I’m up by 5 am and usually head out around 615-630.

Nothing really exciting happened during my run today. It was not a pretty sight and I was in the desert the whole time.
Once I got to the city I’m in now it became very hectic and congested.

I did manage to get my very first Peruvian Signature in my book!! Everyone to this point has told me no but this man understood my journey and we sat and talked for well Over an hour. He didn’t ask typical questions. He kept seeking answers from deep within and wasn’t concerned with logistics and things. He was a very spiritual man. I enjoyed every second of it.

Once I leave, I will tell you the hotel name and everything for my safety but they are very humble and incredibly nice people. They made me rice and chicken for dinner, and even said they would wake up early to make me breakfast.

To my Vets:

Take your struggles and give them to me. Let me carry them for you and place them at the highest mountains and lowest valleys so you’ll never have them again. Let me carry your baggage and I’ll delivery it to places that you never have to worry about them finding you again.
Have faith in me that I care for you.


  1. Back home, we finally got a break from the rain and the farmers are getting their wheat crop out. The race is definitely on to get it out before Mother Nature changes her mind. Soybeans will take the place of the wheat in the fields. The corn that was planted before the torrential rains, is anywhere from waist to shoulder high on a 5'9" person. We've had a cooler week than normal, here in SE Missouri. Lows a couple of nights were in the 50's & highs in the mid 80's. The flood waters have finally crested and are going down. With it being mid June, efforts are underway to prepare for several area annual picnics.

    Wednesday, June 12, the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup Championship. They have spent 52 years trying to bring it home and finally succeded. Game 7 was such an exciting game! Binnington had 32 saves as goalie, only 1 got by him. We scored 4 against the Boston Bruins. Both Busch Stadium and the Enterprise Center were sold out for fans to watch game 7. The money raised for those seats went to St Louis charities. Last that I heard it was over $500 K.

    Yesterday, Friday, June 14 was Flag day. What a beautiful sight to see so much patriotism. Cape County Park had the Avenue of Flags, Chaffee had their flags all of the way around Circle Park. All of the communities proudly displayed their flags in honor of Flag Day. It's great to be an American. Thank you for your selfless service to our country that we may be free.

    So proud of you Dustin! May God Bless you and wrap you in his loving and protective arms on this journey. I light a candle every Sunday at church for you. You along with all military, first responders and anyone needing God's guidance, healing hand, and or protection are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Godspeed my friend and take care.

    Sincerely a Seabee's Daughter,

  2. Dustin, I'm enjoying these posts and appreciate your updates.You're a great ambassador for our country, our military and the sport of extreme running.

  3. Following you everyday and feel like I'm along for the ride. As long as you continue to put one foot in front of the other I will be praying for you! Amazing thing you are doing!