Friday, June 14, 2019

Day 43/44/45

Miles: 48.1

Miles: 32.2

Miles: 20.0 (Started a few hours late and took my time since I found a place to sit down for lunch)

Total Miles: 1,090.01
38 Running Days

Wednesday Recap:

It was a long day!

What started out as a 30 mile plan turn into a 37 that then turned into nearly 50.
Warning! Just because Google/Booking/Hotels/ or any website says a hotel down here is open doesn’t mean it really is. The one at 30 was closed. The one at 37 was a concrete slab. The one at 50 was no where to be found and I was up several hundred feet on a cliff and there were no roads leading down. In the morning I look over the cliff and nothing.

The journey was a long one. Up in the mountains and back towards the ocean. It was full of desert, beach, and mountains. It had some beautiful scenery and also some very humbling scenery. Some things I just don’t want to get a picture of because I respect the people to much. It’s a hard life in some of these areas with no electric or running water.

The one bad thing was no food. I found two fruit stands along the way but other than that there was nothing. There was no way to get food from locals because there were none. It was all sand, mountains, or every now and then you would see this little bitty tiny shacks the size of a walk in closet in the distance but other than that I didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. Some areas did have houses but they were in communities with gates. Most all the business look like they close down once the tourist season/ summer had ended.

It took me 13 hours and 56 minutes to cover the 48 miles. I did the last two in total darkness but I did have a headlamp. Only 11 hours of sunlight down here right now. It was like a trail race all over again except on a road and with lots of traffic and in a place I don’t speak the language, where motorcycles like to pull up beside you at night, and dogs are everywhere and no aid stations but still I had a headlamp on!

What’s really sad about down here about the dogs is in America they follow me because they want companionship. And I would gladly give it to them. Here they follow me because they are starving. It breaks my heart. I’m having a terrible time finding food and when I do it’s usually a bag of chips. So even when I try to give them food they don’t eat the chips.... it’s so sad I wish I could buy 100 bags of dog food and just fill up bowls along the way.

I ended up stopping on the top of a mountain cliff and lifting my cart over the railing. I had about ten feet to work with before it dropped down hundreds of feet. I laid my cart on its side and curled up next to it. I woke up a lot but no one bothered me.


I woke up around 6 and the sun was starting to come up and decided not to sleep in.
I hit the road and was aiming for a place to stay but when I got there it was closed down.
So instead of having extra time off my feet I decided to just keep going.
I ended up going to Pisco where I found a place that had some really nice reviews from Americans.
A super nice hotel for less than 20 USD! I was shocked.
While in Pisco I was able to find a grocery store.
I was beyond excited. I walked the mile and a half to the store with pep in my step.
Getting there I was disappointed. It was almost all good you had to cook. Rice, noodles, lunch meat, boxed foods.... I spend a hour going down and up every aisle several times to come away with a lot of bread, peanut butter, some ritz crackers, and some maple syrup. That’s it...... I was prepared to buy the whole store but it’s okay I atleast was able to get something.
(While I was there they had dog treats on sale for 30 cents in u.s. money so I got a bag!!!!)


Today was a nice and slow day. I slept till 8 and hit the toad around 915 and found a place to stop and get lunch. Wasted a hour and a half but it was worth it. For 5 bucks I got a huge bowl of soup, a plate of rice and chicken, a drink, jello (I didn’t eat), and some potatoes, plus two powerades! Talk about cheap.

Unfortunately I tried giving a dog treat to two different dogs and they won’t eat them... they want real food. I was so happy when they come running up wagging their tail and then to see them disappointed that it’s just a treat (which they may not even know what it is)

I hit 20 miles and was going to keep going but I figured I hit my daily minimum and seen a place under a tree on the side of a hill away from the highway and decided that was a good place to pull over and sleep. It seemed like no foot traffic would come through  and the cars wouldn’t see me.
So I feel safe and like I won’t be bothered.

To my vets:

Stay strong even in the face of a storm. Be that lighthouse that shines bright even when a hurricane hits. You’ve got this! 💪🏻 I believe in you!


  1. You are such a gift, even when you are famished you still give to the hungry pups. Know we are thinking of you and keeping you in our daily thoughts. Love and light to you, my friend.

  2. Heed your own've got this..through Christ anything is have already touched so many in such a positive way..God's speed.

  3. It's awesome to read your updates! Love what you are doing for our brothers and sisters. We pray for your journey, your safety and mission accomplishment.

  4. Love reading your posts! Praying for safe travels for you.