Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Day 42

Today’s Miles: 31.2
Total Miles: 989.71
35 running days

Today started out like most mornings. Busy traffic trying to get to work but today was much better. I had a huge shoulder to the road and didn’t have to worry about it. I usually don’t listen to music but this morning I put in some Kenny G and just zoned in.

It was cool passing all these restaurants and shops literally 3 or 4 feet of the shoulder of the highway. People would just pull over to the shoulder and the shops would put the food through the passenger side window and they would pay and then leave. It was cool to see and a bonus for me because I love fresh fruits and they had plenty.

I ran up into the mountains some today but not to bad, I ended up working myself back to the ocean side within a few miles but I got to see some beautiful scenery. The misty mountain tops on one side and the crashing of the waves on the other.

I had a very cool experience with some farmers today. I was running along side the road and I hear someone yelling white man white man. So I look and realize it was two farmers who were struggling to get this huge tractor tire off the tractor and onto another tractor so hey could go get it fixed. The problem was they filled it with water so it lasted longer than air while they tried rolling it. But they didn’t think about picking up that much water weight and getting it to the ground. After 30 minutes we had it on the ground but moving it with all that water was a huge task and took a ton of effort on my part. In other words it wore me out. All in all about a hour and fifteen minutes went by and we had it half loaded onto the tractor. He was calling for more help (all they had was wooden sticks to hold it up and wooden sticks as pry bars and they kept breaking) once help arrived I grabbed my cart and carried on running. The cool thing was I didn’t speak any Spanish at all and they spoke absolutely no English but we worked fairly well together getting the job as close to done as I could.
Luckily after I took back off I realized I only had about 4 miles left so I wasn’t to worried about how much energy helping them took from me. #helpingothers

Honestly I left them on the side of the road and I felt proud. I felt like here I was minding my own business and I could have ignored them. Here I am an American on foreign soil that can’t speak Spanish without even talking to each other I was able to help some small town locals that just was trying to get a job done. I smile just thinking about it. I hope they appreciated it. They clearly were struggling and who was I to pass by if I’m an able bodied human that could easily give up some time to help. I loved every second of it. The bickering between the two of them, the silly faces they made behind each other’s backs, it was almost like they were brothers.

 Anyway, I enjoyed today very much. I haven’t had a day that made me feel this good yet. Today I was at a high and felt good the whole way and felt better after helping. Today I was put somewhere because someone needed me. Maybe you could look around and see if anyone may need you.

To my vets:
If today proved anything it was this. Words are just words, they disappear and fade away with the wind. Actions are strong and firm. They last a lifetime. You may not now how much you are helping someone but reach out and give them a hand. Sure encouraging words can help, but having that extra hand can change everything. Be that helping hand and let your community know your there for them if they need you.


  1. Kindness=human language. So awesome you were able to help them!

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  3. Dustin just let you know I read every day how you are doing. I am proud to let others know that you are a great young man, I know this because you was a great child when we lived in the same neighborhood. I am also proud that you are doing this to help soldier not think the only way to live after deployment is to take there own life. My husband was over seas three times he was medical retired back in 2014 and he also got a purple heart but I have seen how he changed from predepolymen to now but he doesn't regret going. Just wanted to let you know you are very brave to do this by your self. Twila Hauzer

  4. You are doing great things, Dustin!

  5. I'm so glad today was a good one!