Monday, June 10, 2019

Day 41

Todays Miles: 28.4
Total Miles: 958.51
34 Running Days

(Wayyyyyy to many off days... but nothing I could about it once I got to Myrtle beach and had some many days till my flight.) I’ll make up for it in SA.

Today started off great. I woke up and took off around 7. I had the need to get back on the pavement. I started from my hotel and went to the beach. At the beach I started my GPS and it put a huge smile on my face. Starting the GPS made me realize I was about to put some miles in, in Peru.

I was able to trace the beach for several miles maintaining a good pace dodging people on the sidewalks. I came to a interesting pass where I had to get out into the road for about a quarter of a mile but once that passed I had a huge shoulder whether it was dirt or pavement. I stayed on the same highway the Panamericana the whole way today. I had a lot of people staring, even had, one guy yelling Blanco Blanco but I just kept going. Once I got to 27 miles I decided it was about time to find a safe place to stay. I didn’t want to push my body to hard with it coming off so many days off.

I stopped in San Bartolo which I then found out the hotel I booked was closed and there was no refund...

I roamed around for awhile but things are not set up like they are in the states. After 20 minutes with my head cut off I seen a police officer (which walks around with an AK47 in his hands..)
He spoke little to no English (as did everyone here) but wasn’t very patient with me using my phone to translate my part to him. Understanding him was a whole new challenge. He guided me towards a few places but they were all closed.

We finally found a place that was open but it was for females only. The owner did tell me she was single and had no kids haha I found that hilarious.
Finally after what felt like an hour we found a Hostal that would except me and very much charged me for needing it so bad.

I don’t have my tent or I would have found a place to camp. I did get a sleeping bag in Lima but I couldn’t find a tent to buy. And the police warned me about people on mopeds driving up and taking phones while your on them. So I didn’t really want to sleep outside without a tent.

Once I get out of these bigger cities I think things will get much easier. It’ll be easier to find a place to stay and easier to navigate.

To my vets:

Just because your life changes doesn’t mean that your deepest passions have to.

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  1. This sounds interesting, frustrating and so exciting. Praying for your continued safety.