Sunday, June 9, 2019

Day 39/40


Today I had my flights to Ft. Lauderdale and then down to Lima. I knew I had a lot of stuff I needed to take with me so I showed up at the airport hours and hours in advance. It was a good thing I did. It took forever with the airlines to figure out how we were going to work everything out. Unfortunately I was on the losing end of the deal. I would only be allowed to bring my cart ($100 fee) and a carry on bag. So, once the dust settled, I ended up with some clothes (summer) and my electronics. With the understanding I would probably have to rebuy all my winter supplies, tent, sleeping bag, and everything I left behind. My mom is going to try and ship some stuff but with the price of international shipping and trying to figure out where to ship it I figured it would be best just to buy a smaller limited supply in Peru before heading over the Andes mountains.

My first and second flight were both delayed and I ended up landing around 11 in Peru but didn’t get out of customs till around midnight or later. Got to my hotel around 1.

I want to thank Brenda Mejia and cousin, for coming and picking me up. It means the world! She waited at the airport for me forever. Not to mention I really enjoyed our conversation on the way to the hotel. She makes a huge impact in children’s lives with the things she does! Thank you again and maybe one day when I come back I can say thank you again!


Today I took an off day... an unwanted off day...
but I needed to get supplies. It is Fall down here and I needed at least a light jacket and some sweat pants before heading out Monday.
I was able to get a new sleeping bag, two light jackets, a pair of sweat pants, and a new bag to hold everything in. I’ll pick up some of the other stuff hopefully as I get closer to the mountain and Chile.
Today was a good day though. I had some amazing Salmon and Sushi! Delicious! And Peru is known for its Pisco Sours so had to at least get one even though I don’t drink.
I came across a few places I had already been, which was really nice to see again, but overall I just explored the area.
I’m getting very stir crazy.. I am ready to run after all this time off. Tomorrow morning I am taking off, whether I have all my gear or not. I am ready to go! These feet are ready to pound some pavement again!

To my Vets:

Don’t give up on something that could be great, just because it might also be hard. Fight through and get what you want!


  1. Glad you were able to buy more supplies. Hope you find everything you need.

  2. Praise the Lord for what your doing and his great grace as he watches over you. Praying daily for your safety and endurance. Enjoying your advice the vets.