Friday, June 7, 2019

Day 36/37/38


Global Running Day

I met up with Black Dog Running Company and WMBF News. We had a great time.
It looked like there was about 50 or more people who showed up to run. Signed some autographs and ran with some great people!
I want to thank everyone who came out to run with us!

I also dropped my cart off to PeeDee Bike shop down the street from the running store and they hooked me up. They did a full tune up and replaced the tubes. They found some great tires that will hold up better. I want to thank them for taking the time out of their day to fix the cart and get it ready for South America!


Today was a day to just relax and unwind. We went down to the beach and got some gifts for everyone. We had some great food and found out there is a huge country music festival this weekend.
Overall today was a nice food and rest day.


Today was more about getting all my final things ready before I leave.

The biggest thing that happened today was my signing with Stop Solider Suicide. I am now a partner with Stop Solider Suicide and will be teaming up with their amazing team to help with our cause. SSS is the first organization that truly had a plan and not just bringing awareness alone. They are going much further and are truly making a huge impact. It was a easy decision once I sat down with Chris Ford the CEO. We have the same mission. We have the same passion. Chris is doing an amazing job at SSS and together I think we can not just walk but we will take leaps and bounds towards fixing this problem. If anyone is not familiar with them, go check out their website. Go look at the amazing things they are doing. They are truly a one of a kind, organization where 100 percent of donations go towards the veterans. For me, it’s very clear, SSS cares tremendously about our veterans regardless of time served or discharge status. SSS is the family our veterans need.

Tomorrow Saturday I’ll be flying out of Myrtle Beach and will be in Peru around 1030 Central Time. Sunday I will pick back up writing the blog everyday (as long as I have service).

To my Vets:

Wake up each and everyday as if it were in purpose. Pursue it like you meant every second of everyday to happen. Never give up, never give in, and always move forward!


  1. Godspeed, sir. Press the fight!

  2. Doing great keep strong. Semper Fortis, sailor.
    Tucker Lake met you Black Dog. I the old guy talked about Navy and plane with your name on it.